Is It Safe to Allow Animals at a Child’s Birthday Party?

Is It Safe to Allow Animals at a Child’s Birthday Party?

Children often get some pretty extravagant birthday parties. Whether the theme involves some intricate details or there are amazing activities going on, these are memories that a child will remember for a lifetime. If you’re thinking about allowing animals at your child’s next birthday party, there are some things to take into consideration before making a final decision.

Know Their Temperaments

It’s incredibly important that you understand the temperament of the animals that you’re choosing to bring to the party, but you should also think about the temperaments of the kids who are coming as well. Animals like rabbits and tortoises are popular for parties because they tend to have naturally calm dispositions. The education animals that come with animal party services are very tame and trained for being around a crowd, so you’re unlikely to have any problems. However, asking your friend to bring their exotic pet to the party just because they have one isn’t the best idea, as there’s no telling how it may react around small children.

Be Aware of Allergies

Food allergies are something that you’ll need to think about when it comes to a child’s birthday party, but you also need to worry about an allergy that might be present for the animals you’re bringing in. Some allergies to animals can simply result in a stuffy nose or watery eyes. However, other children might have anaphylactic reactions if exposed to certain animals that they are allergic to. It’s probably a good idea to ask around to find out what allergies might be present at the party before you decide which kinds of animals you want to have present.

Make Sure Everyone Washes Their Hands

Exotic animals are popular attractions at birthday parties, but sometimes they carry diseases like salmonella, psittacosis, cryptosporidium, or bartonella. However, just because they may carry diseases doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invite animals as entertainment for the party. Just hire a reputable service that keeps their animals healthy, and make sure everyone uses a good hand sanitizer after petting or handling the animals. It’s also a good idea to bring out the animals before or after eating, rather than during.

Keep a First Aid Kit

When you have animals around, you can end up with an emergency on your hands. Sometimes animals can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be properly prepared. Some children may get too close to an animal or do something that irritates it and causes it to lash out and injure a child. Keep in mind that immediate medical treatment may prevent infection if someone is bitten or scratched by an animal. Make sure you have the proper first aid items on hand in case something goes wrong. Treat the child right after an injury to make sure that they don’t develop more serious issues.

Location Restrictions

If you’re having a party at your home, you’re free to do whatever you want with the party. If you’re going to be renting out another facility, then you need to check with the owners of the location to find out if it’s alright to bring in animals. You may be allowed to, but there may be rules regarding the type of animals allowed, insurance for messes, etc.

Planning your child’s next birthday party shouldn’t be stressful. Ask your child what they want, and you can try to focus your planning from there. If they request animals at their party, spend some time doing the research before you make a final decision regarding what type of entertainment or theme you are going to use.

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4 Birthday Party Ideas for Rad Dads

4 Birthday Party Ideas for Rad Dads

Celebrating birthdays for dad may not always be the top priority. Life gets busy and many times you may simply forget to plan something in advance, which can mean rushing around at the last minute to try to throw something together. Planning for dad’s birthday can get lost in the rush of raising kids. If you want to plan an unforgettable party for that dad in your life, whether it’s your own father or the father of your children, read on to learn about four party ideas that will make any rad dad feel loved on their special day.


What dad doesn’t love a BBQ? This is especially true if he’s not the one who has to do the grilling. A BBQ party is an ideal way to celebrate for any dad who loves grilled foods and enjoys spending outdoor time with friends and family. When planning your menu, be sure to include favorites like burgers, hot dogs, steaks and plenty of side dishes. You can even include an array of outdoor activities to make the party even more fun. Don’t forget the gift to accompany that delicious food! If you haven’t found a gift yet, check out these gift ideas to celebrate your dad for his birthday, Father’s Day, or any day of the year.

Movie Night

Outdoor movie night parties can be fun for all ages. This family-friendly event can celebrate dad while still providing plenty of entertainment for the kids. Setting up an outdoor screen and projector along with lots of blankets, pillows, and chairs can allow you to show your favorite movie at home. Movie night parties can also work indoors. Don’t forget the popcorn, drinks and other snacks. Most rental companies have commercial popcorn machines you can rent if you plan on a large gathering.


If the special man in your life enjoys superhero movies or comics, you can’t go wrong with a party themed with his favorite characters. Superhero parties don’t have to be childish. There are many decoration ideas online to help you create a fun superhero atmosphere at your event. The finishing touch is a themed cake in his favorite flavor for a personalized party that he’s sure to love.

Man Cave

If you’re looking for a unique party idea that’s anything but basic and boring, a cave-themed party is perfect. Costumes can be fun but optional depending on your crowd. The menu for your cave theme party should include plenty of meat. Cooking on a bonfire can provide a real caveman feel for the event. Some other ideas include bone-shaped snacks, dinosaur decorations and molten lava cakes for dessert.

Celebrating Dad on his birthday shouldn’t be a last-minute affair. By planning ahead to arrange one of the four parties listed above, you can be sure that your own dad or your children’s father feels appreciated on his birthday. Consider what he likes to do and his hobbies when deciding which is the best type of event for his personality and preferences. Menus, decorations, the perfect gift, and the ideal location will help create a birthday party that no rad dad will ever forget.
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Fall BBQ Must-Have Supplies

Fall BBQ Must-Have Supplies

Fall can be one of the best times of the year for a backyard BBQ. The weather is cooling off so you can better enjoy your outdoor space with your friends and family. When planning an outdoor BBQ, it’s important to prepare ahead of time with all the essentials you need for a successful get-together. The following information can help you be sure you have all the must-haves for your fall BBQ.

Food and Drink

There are plenty of foods that are in season during the fall and perfect for cooking on your grill. Autumn vegetables like squash, eggplant, and sweet potatoes all have the perfect texture and density to hold up to grilling. Be sure to include a selection of smoked or grilled meats as well as some kid-friendly foods. You should also be sure to plan some side dishes to accompany your main dish. To decrease your workload, you may want to choose make-ahead sides or turn your BBQ into a potluck and ask guests to bring their favorite. When it comes to choosing drinks, variety is key.

Cooking Implements and Dishware

According to Food52, having quality grilling tools makes the entire outdoor cooking process much easier. Grilling tools are sturdy and able to handle high temperatures without warping or burning. When it comes to dishware, many people prefer disposable for use outdoors. It makes for quick and easy cleanup so you can enjoy time with your guests instead of spending time washing dishes. Pick up some cheap aluminum bakeware to hold the cooked foods.

Safety Supplies

Being safety conscious is important when you’re using an outdoor grill. In the event of a fire, you should use a fire extinguisher, baking soda, or sand to put out a grease fire, not water, according to Emroch & Kilduff. Keep a bucket near the grill filled with sand or baking soda so it’s easily accessible in case of an emergency. It can also be helpful to have a simple first aid kit nearby any case there are any minor accidents or anyone experiences insect bites during the evening.


When you’re spending the evening outdoors, it’s best to keep the entertainment simple. If you’re having kids at the party having simple activities like bubbles, a soccer ball, and corn hole, which can also occupy the adults. It’s important to consider how many guests you plan to have so that you have enough seating for everyone. One of the best ways to keep everyone entertained once the sun sets is to have a fire pit with all the fixings to make s’mores, a crowd pleasing treat for all ages.

Fall BBQ

As autumn approaches, many people enjoying entertaining outdoors. A backyard BBQ can be the best way to enjoy great food and spend time with your friends and family. By preparing ahead for your BBQ with cooking utensils and dishware, food and drink, and entertainment, you can save a lot of stress on the day of your event and be able to fully enjoy yourself with a plate full of delicious food.

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Having a Bounce House at Your Party: Know the Risks

Having a Bounce House at Your Party: Know the Risks

Perhaps you have seen the dramatic videos of a bounce house being blown away with the wind. This is the most exciting thing that could happen to a bounce house, but it is not the feature of a bounce house that is most likely to cause injury to your child or a guest. If you are considering renting or buying a bounce house for a party in your home, call your insurance agent and make sure you are aware of the risks that a bounce house presents to you as the homeowner.

Risk Factors

Along with their popularity, the number of injuries linked to inflatable bouncers has risen dramatically since 1995. More than a third of the reported injuries have occurred in the youngest children—those under the age of five. The most predominant injuries are those to the arms, legs, head, and neck. There are also reports of bounce houses suddenly collapsing and children being thrown through the door or trapped inside.

Safety Precautions

If you are determined to have an inflatable bounce toy at your child’s party, you can take precautions and set rules to minimize the chance of injuries. Children younger than six should not use the bounce house and young children should not bounce with older, heavier kids or adults. The number of children who are using the house at one time should be limited to four. Those children should all be approximately the same size and weight and have removed their shoes before entering. Also, no child should be permitted to enter the bounce house unless an adult is standing by to supervise and monitor the activities inside. Children should be restricted from doing flips and somersaults.

Other Children’s Party Attractions to Consider

Sometimes, less is better. When it comes to entertaining children, in this age of overstimulation, quiet activities like painting or coloring can be very pleasurable. A cup or plate that a child can decorate on their own will make a lasting memento. Also, happy clowns are always welcome by children. Younger children may not understand a sad-faced clown, so be careful in your selection. Hiring a balloon artist to make balloon animals for the children can also help to keep a group of kids safely entertained. These activities are all significantly less risky in terms of injuries but are equally as fun as (or more fun than) a bounce house risks. 

 Bounce houses can be fun, but they can also be dangerous. Putting on a lively and safe party for your child is very doable if you take the proper precautions. Get your child involved in the planning to make sure everyone has a good time. Doing these things will make it so that your party is sure to be a great one that everyone will remember fondly.

What Do you Need for an Active Kids Party?

What Do you Need for an Active Kids Party?

An active kids party mean lots of laughter, games like laser tag and plenty of treats. Most parents want to plan a party that meets these criteria. At the same time, they want this party to check off all the safety boxes, too. Once you add tag or slip-and-slides to the mix, the chances of kids getting hurt increase. However, it’s not so much a matter of forgoing these activities as it is of taking the right precautions.

Space Requirements

Figuring out the space requirements for a kids’ party counts among the most challenging tasks of party planning. This holds particularly true if you plan on the kids playing with large, active toys and games such as laser tag, slip and slides and bounce houses. If you have a small backyard, plan on allotting five square feet per person to make the set-up comfortable and safe. If you can’t swing that, then plan your party around a specific activity and venue; for example, hold a party in a bowling alley or at the local zoo. The venue owners for these activities have already figured out the space requirements for you.

Safety Features

Active kids’ parties require more attention to safety. Supervision is important as are first aid kits. It’s also important to check the play area for possible toxins or objects that can potentially cause accidents. Slip and fall accidents can do serious damage both immediately and long term. In light of this, recruit more chaperones for the party. You might have eagle eyes, but it’s unlikely that you can turn your head all the way around. More grown-up eyes mean fewer accidents.

Plan Food Carefully

Active parties present some different problems that you’ll see with other kinds of parties, particularly where food is concerned. Kids play hard at active parties. They build up an appetite and need to eat. However, they may also develop side cramps as a result. To avoid this, treat the party like a marathon. During the play portion of the party, provide plenty of drinks that replenish the body’s electrolytes. Keep healthy carbohydrates on hand for the kids to eat while the games are still in play. Once the real play concludes, then you can serve a meal. 

Active Kids Party Wrap up

An Active kids party gets the heart pumping and the laughter going. However, they also come with their own set of challenges, including safety ones. Making sure you have enough space and enough chaperones will help you sidestep some of these issues. Finally, plan out your snacks, treats and meals to keep kids satisfied and fueled. These things will help make sure all the kids have a great time at the party.

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4 Stress-Reducing Party Planning Tips

4 Stress-Reducing Party Planning Tips

Summer is the perfect time to throw a party, but for the hardworking host, it’s not always as fun as it’s supposed to be. Cleaning, decorating and food preparation can take days, and by the time guests arrive, you’re exhausted. The good news is that it’s possible to both entertain and enjoy the fun by tackling stress with these expert tips.

Start Planning Early

Nothing makes a party more stressful than waiting until the last minute to start planning. Send invitations out at least a couple of weeks in advance to ensure your guest list is set in stone by the big day. Make lists of the supplies you’ll need and shop early. Last-minute trips to the store for forgotten items will only leave you frazzled, and you’ll run the risk of not finding what you need.

Make it a Pool Party

If you have access to a pool, planning a summer pool party doesn’t take much effort. When water is the star of the show, you’re off the hook for providing entertainment. Simple foods like hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta salad are sure to be a hit, and the only supplies you’ll need to provide are chairs to sit on and a pile of colorful towels. Make it a night party and decorate with inexpensive strings of lights. It will be dark out, so you won’t need to worry about sprucing up the far corners of the yard.

Take Shortcuts

Hiring a caterer costs a bundle, but food for your party doesn’t have to. Platters from your supermarket deli can be just as delicious, and they’ll cut down on your cooking time. Use the extra hours to rest up before guests arrive. To save hours on cleaning after the party, nix the fine china and break out the paper plates.

Find Help

Casual summer get-togethers don’t require a party planner, but getting a helping hand will keep you fresh for the big event. If you have kids, hire a babysitter for a few hours while you clean, or you can have your groceries delivered to save an hour on shopping. Better yet, enlist your teen to mow the lawn and take care of odd jobs around the house.

Don’t let stress stand in the way of throwing a spectacular summer bash. Just take a deep breath, remember you’ll be among friends, and embrace these four stress-reducing party planning tips.

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