Small Details that Make a Good Party a Great One

party tips

Great parties don’t happen by accident, but anyone can host one. The following party tips can make your good party great. The difference between a good party and a great one is often found in the little details. While the right decor and music can set the perfect mood, it’s subtle nuances that take a get together over the top. The Food Obviously, you want the food you serve at your party to be delicious. Remember though that tasty doesn’t have to mean complicated. Your guests will likely be standing or perched on the edge of your furniture while they […]

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How to Throw the Ultimate Pool Party Bash for Your Kid


During the summer, there is nothing better than jumping in the pool. An epic pool party brings tons of fun for you and your kid. It does not matter whether you have a kiddie pool and an Olympic-sized pool. Here are a few tips to help you throw the ultimate pool party bash for your kid. Jellyfish Lanterns Create jellyfish decorations out of colorful paper lanterns. Enlist your kid to help, so that they can add their personal touch to their party. These whimsical creatures are bound to be a hit with everyone. Beach Ball Garland Make beach ball garland […]

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4 Fresh Ideas For A Unique Birthday Party Experience

Birthday party ideas Planning the perfect event for your child might be a challenge. These birthday party ideas create an experience for the child, that they will remember when they grow up. Having a celebration to remember for your child’s birthday party is easy enough to plan with a little bit of creative thinking and fun activities in store. The Best Birthday Party Your child’s best birthday party yet doesn’t have to be particularly expensive. With a few boxes of pizza and a lot of space to run and explore with friends, your child is sure to have a great […]

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The Five Must-See Places Everyone Should Visit in Boston

boston entertainment

Boston Entertainment In Massachusetts Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. Boston entertainment is everywhere. Sometimes it gets difficult to squeeze it all into one visit. It does not matter how long you plan on staying, here are five places you should include on the itinerary. The New England Aquarium This is one of the most popular attractions in Boston. It has everything from coral reefs to a penguin colony. There is so much to see here. Every dollar from your admission fee goes to help out marine conservation efforts. There is also a 3D theater where you can watch […]

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Photographing a Party? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

event photography

Event Photography Do you want to do event photography? These are important tips on how to do quality event photography. Before the day arrives, you need to gather your equipment so that you have plenty of storage on your camera and all of the filters and extra items to make each picture stunning. The following are only a few of the tips and tricks that you can use when taking photos at a birthday party, a corporate event, or another celebration. Group Pictures Courtesy of Digital Photography School Try to take a few pictures of groups of friends, family members, and […]

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How To Keep A Surprise Party A Surprise

surprise Party

Surprise Party It’s not always easy to keep a surprise party a secret. In fact, if your child is about to celebrate something really special, like their sweet sixteen birthday, they might even be expecting a surprise party. This makes it doubly hard to keep it a surprise. But with a bit of cunning, it is entirely feasible to pull off the impossible. Here are some tips for keeping a surprise party a surprise. Don’t Have the Party at Your House It is next to impossible to plan a surprise right under someone’s nose. You’re kidding yourself if you think […]

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