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Balloon Entertainment Boston

In this category Jonah will discuss different types of balloon entertainment that he offers. The posts linked to this category can range from performances and events he will perform at. He may even discuss past performances. There will be videos and pictures of Jonah’s performances along with reviews and more. If you have video of Jonah performing it would be greatly appreciated if you would share it. When we  receive it we will then gladly post it to these pages.

When you are ready Jonah would love to talk about your next event and see how Jonah’s twisters can help you have a successful event. As someone who knows Boston Balloon art Jonah is your best way to make your event amazing. Please be aware due to his popularity Jonah does book very fast and dates are on a first come first serve basis.

Also, it is important to note that children under 3 cannot receive a balloon as it is a choking hazard.

How to Plan An Epic Company Party in Boston

Company Party A company party is a great way to celebrate your employees and commend them for a job well-done. If you’re planning on throwing an event that rivals the experience at Fenway Park, there are some things you should do well in advance of the scheduled date. Making preparations a few months ahead allows you time to get all of your affairs in order. It provides you time to reach out to entertainers and vendors who are needed to make the event a success. Here is how to plan an epic company party in Boston: Choose a theme to […]

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Tips For Hosting A Summer Block Party

Block Party Tips

Block Party Tips Have you just moved to a new neighborhood and would like to get to know your new neighbors? These block party tips will help you host a better summer block party. After you have settled into your new home, get ready to host the most fantastic block party ever. Not sure how to do this, follow below block party tips to get some ideas. Amazing Block Party Planning Hand out a letter to everyone in your neighborhood explaining what your intentions are and see if anyone would like to help in the planning of this amazing summer […]

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3 Birthday Parties Essentials

birthday party essentials

Birthday Party Essentials  Getting invited to a birthday party is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a child. As an adult, you know that planning that party can be a little stressful. This article goes over some tips and birthday party essentials to keep everything fun and as exciting for you as the guests that are attending it. Everything on the list is easy to do and will be sure to leave a memorable impression on adults and children alike. Activities No matter what age a child is, they tend to get bored fairly quickly. You […]

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Corporate Events

Corporate Events and Functions Most bars have a promotion to get people in before they normally get busy called a happy hour. Did you know that balloons are not just for birthday parties? Did you know that some companies have socials for their employees that are similar to happy hours? These socials are great for employees to enjoy the company culture without having to worry about the stress of deadlines. Corporate events can be very simple or super fancy. What At some companies they bring in some alcohol on a Thursday afternoon and that is it. In other companies it […]

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Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture Woburn, MA Presidents Weekend On Presidents Weekend, you can find me at the Bob’s Discount Furniture in Woburn, MA. When I am at Bob’s creating balloon art, memories, and more. Woburn is outside of Boston and perfect location to see Boston Balloon Art by Jonah. I will perform for all patrons of Bob’s from 11:00-3:00 pm Saturday- Monday. I will be in the freebies section towards the back of the store creating amazing balloons. The freebies section has cookies, candy, ice cream, and more. What Can I Make At Bob’s I can make sculptures that are more complicated […]

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Planning a Party

Are you Planning a Party in the Boston Area Are you planning a party for a company or for someone’s birthday? In this post, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of party planning. We are going to especially be looking at entertainment and how that fits into your party. This post is intended to help you understand how you can best work with entertainment professionals. Steps involved There are many steps involved in party planning so please let me know in the comments if I forgot one. Before you start planning it is important to come up […]

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