Do you want to learn more about any of Jonah’s Twisters offerings? Would you like to book with a real person? You can fill out either contact form, call, e-mail, smoke signal or use the button to go to our booking page. On the booking page, you can see when Jonah is available to entertain and the estimated cost.

(Please contact Jonah for events less than 7 days away or more than 60 days away. I will gladly help you book your event. If your desired time slot is not displayed please let me know, and I will see what can be done.)

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Jonah’s Twisters is based in Boston, MA and serves surrounding communities. Some locations may require a mileage charge. You may call us at 781-249-6262 or e-mail

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Jonah Faigel - Boston Balloon Modeller for hire at Entertainers Worldwide

Jonah's Twisters

Proudly Serving Boston and Surrounding Communities

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