On this page I will do my best to layout the pricing for my services. These are most of the services I offer. If you would like something else please let me know and I can build you a custom package. If anything is confusing please reach out and let me know. Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change and may not match this page. Travel/delivery fees are not listed and will be an additional cost if applicable. 

We have an FAQ page that can also help if you have any questions. 

Services with prices on this page: Birthday Parties, Corporate Entertainment, Balloon Workshop, Custom Sculptures, Dance Floor Experience

Birthday Party

These are the base birthday party packages. Any of the below packages can be extended or customized to fit your birthday party. More information can be found on the birthday party page. 

Corporate Entertainment (Event performance)

This is what Jonah does at trade shows, corporate events, Boston Red Sox, company picnics. The rates below are for 1 artist, if you would like additional artists please reach out and we give you a quote. More information can be found here

Custom Sculpture

Are you looking for a custom sculpture? Jonah can build your logo and more out of balloons. You can purchase many sculptures from his delivery store

Jonah's Twisters

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