4 Stress-Reducing Party Planning Tips

4 Stress-Reducing Party Planning Tips

Summer is the perfect time to throw a party, but for the hardworking host, it’s not always as fun as it’s supposed to be. Cleaning, decorating and food preparation can take days, and by the time guests arrive, you’re exhausted. The good news is that it’s possible to both entertain and enjoy the fun by tackling stress with these expert tips.

Start Planning Early

Nothing makes a party more stressful than waiting until the last minute to start planning. Send invitations out at least a couple of weeks in advance to ensure your guest list is set in stone by the big day. Make lists of the supplies you’ll need and shop early. Last-minute trips to the store for forgotten items will only leave you frazzled, and you’ll run the risk of not finding what you need.

Make it a Pool Party

If you have access to a pool, planning a summer pool party doesn’t take much effort. When water is the star of the show, you’re off the hook for providing entertainment. Simple foods like hamburgers, hot dogs and pasta salad are sure to be a hit, and the only supplies you’ll need to provide are chairs to sit on and a pile of colorful towels. Make it a night party and decorate with inexpensive strings of lights. It will be dark out, so you won’t need to worry about sprucing up the far corners of the yard.

Take Shortcuts

Hiring a caterer costs a bundle, but food for your party doesn’t have to. Platters from your supermarket deli can be just as delicious, and they’ll cut down on your cooking time. Use the extra hours to rest up before guests arrive. To save hours on cleaning after the party, nix the fine china and break out the paper plates.

Find Help

Casual summer get-togethers don’t require a party planner, but getting a helping hand will keep you fresh for the big event. If you have kids, hire a babysitter for a few hours while you clean, or you can have your groceries delivered to save an hour on shopping. Better yet, enlist your teen to mow the lawn and take care of odd jobs around the house.

Don’t let stress stand in the way of throwing a spectacular summer bash. Just take a deep breath, remember you’ll be among friends, and embrace these four stress-reducing party planning tips.

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4 Star Wars Themed Ways to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

4 Star Wars Themed Ways to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

Star Wars fever shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, it is not surprising that so many children are still rabid fans of this franchise. Here are four ways that you can incorporate this fun theme into your next birthday celebration.

Visit Galaxy’s Edge

Opening on Memorial Day weekend, the new Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland Resort is sure to please any Star Wars fan. This attraction has been highly publicized, with discount tickets to Disneyland being sold well in advance of the opening, so expect some major crowds. Visitors during the first few months of opening need to have a reserved ticket to even enter the land, so be sure to plan ahead. With two major attractions, interactive shopping opportunities, and a myriad of Star Wars-themed food and drink, a visit to the new Galaxy’s Edge is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday.

Game On

It is easy to get party attendees engaged when you incorporate the right games into the celebration. Depending on the age of your guests, you can play games such as pin the bun on Princess Leia, Jedi training obstacle courses, or a Star Wars specific scavenger hunt. If you choose to provide the classic party pinata, using a sturdy lightsaber to break it is a fun way to carry the theme over to this traditional game.

Get Creative with Food and Drink

Everyone remembers the food and drink that is served at a birthday party, making food the perfect way to extend the theme of the celebration. Get creative by serving up refreshments that incorporate all of your favorite Stars Wars characters. Or take ordinary food and drink and tweak it to fit the theme of the party with creative names and signage.

Lightsaber Balloons

Nothing sets the stage for an out of this world Star Wars party quite like lightsaber balloons. Lightsaber balloons will make any birthday party shine. Regardless of if you want to use these unique balloons to create a stunning table centerpiece or incorporate them into your party games, these creations have multiple usages at your celebration. Your child will delight in seeing these fun balloons all over your party venue.

The possibilities are endless when looking to incorporate your child’s love of Star Wars themed birthday celebration. Being creative and thinking outside of the box will make this birthday one that your little Star Wars fan will always remember.

How Much Should You Budget for a Party?

How Much Should You Budget for a Party?

Parties are all about fun, so the idea of doing something like budgeting can seem like a buzzkill. However, this demonstration of responsibility can make you better prepared and can prevent you from having so much to fret about on the day of your party. How much to budget for your party depends on what you’re planning, but these tips can help you determine where your money should go.


Getting high-quality catering for your party can cost quite a bit. Aside from the food, you’ll also have to consider the costs of hiring catering staff, getting plates and silverware, and covering any delivery fees and taxes. According to catering experts, the food, service ware, equipment, the staff to execute the event and production fees are the foundational costs for any catered event. You also need to think about disposal costs because there are likely to be at least some leftovers.  


A party isn’t entertaining just because you say it is. Having at least one performer can help keep people enjoying themselves and can give them something to focus on. You might hire a band or a DJ. You might also hire a comedian or a motivational speaker. Make sure that any entertainment you choose is appropriate for the event and that you are clear about what your general expectations for these performance are.


If you choose to serve alcohol at your party, you need to be aware of the possible risks, both in terms of possible over-indulging and the financial risks. Drink specialists point out that an open bar will be welcomed by guests, but it can also put a significant dent in your budget. If you do include an open bar, you might want to limit it to beer and wine. You also might consider a maximum of two drinks so that the chance of anyone being put in harm’s way is minimized.


Based on the size of your party, you may have to rent a larger party space. Venue providers suggest that before you confirm a location, you need to get your guests confirmed. You should give the owners of the space plenty of advance notice to get things set up how you want and to answer any of your other questions. You also want to avoid any disarray in the aftermath of the party so that you get your security deposit returned.

Budget for a party

You don’t need to break the bank to host a great party. The quality of a party is not about the value of the decorations and attractions but about the guests being provided with a space where they can feel at ease. No matter what your budget is, a great party is worth a million.

4 Birthday Presents Your Daughter Will Love

4 Birthday Presents Your Daughter Will Love

Finding the perfect gift for your daughter can be challenging. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to select the right present to satisfy every personal need and preference. As a parent, you will also want to choose a gift that your daughter will not likely outgrow soon. Here are four of the best gift ideas guaranteed to put a smile on her face.


Open up a world of possibility for your daughter with some new books. The key to choosing the best books for your daughter is to find topics that interest her. It can be a series that you loved as a child or a contemporary title that is growing in popularity. Once you know your daughter’s favorite authors and topics, it will become easier to choose more books that she will love.

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Remote-Controlled Car

Although remote-controlled vehicles are typically considered a toy for boys, girls can also get a great deal of enjoyment out of these cars. Not only is it exciting and fun to play with these motorized toys, but using the remote can also help to increase spatial awareness, fine-motor-skills development, and coordination. Because these toys are so versatile, they are ideal choices when you’re looking for a gift that will grow along with your child.

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Arts and Crafts

It can be tempting to rely on technology to keep young kids entertained. However, savvy parents understand the importance of engaging young minds and providing an outlet for their creativity. There is a myriad of arts-and-crafts options on the market today, ensuring that you can find something to suit your daughter’s unique tastes. Not only does engaging in creative activities stimulate the imagination, but it also inspires critical-thinking skills and provides a healthy platform for expressing feelings.

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Board Games

In today’s increasingly wired world, playing board games provides a great alternative to staring at a screen all day. Not only do board games encourage togetherness within a family. They also deliver a host of cognitive benefits. Regular playing of board games can improve memory and cognitive function, encourage verbal and communication skills and even help with the development of fine motor skills.

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By choosing gifts that will both inspire and cultivate essential life skills, you can ensure that your daughter will get years of enjoyment out of her presents.

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Small Details that Make a Good Party a Great One

Small Details that Make a Good Party a Great One

Great parties don’t happen by accident, but anyone can host one. The following party tips can make your good party great. The difference between a good party and a great one is often found in the little details. While the right decor and music can set the perfect mood, it’s subtle nuances that take a get together over the top.

The Food

Obviously, you want the food you serve at your party to be delicious. Remember though that tasty doesn’t have to mean complicated. Your guests will likely be standing or perched on the edge of your furniture while they eat, which can get messy with sloppy and complicated dishes. Opt for clean and easy to eat finger foods so your guests can focus on each other rather than trying not to spill their plate on your carpet. No matter what you serve, do it buffet style so your guests can choose the foods they want and not feel pressured to clean their plate or eat something they dislike. Source: https://www.hgtv.com

Prepare a Few Words

In some instances, it’s appropriate to say a few words at a party or toast the guest of honor. While you may be tempted to wing it, doing so makes it easy to start rambling and bore your guests. The key to giving a memorable speech is to plan ahead. Write your speech out and practice it. Remember that the average person speaks about 125-150 words per minute—meaning 5 minutes of talking would entail about 625-750 words. Add a bit of appropriate humor if the occasion allows, and make your words personal and relevant rather than generic. Your guests may not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Feel free to make them laugh or tug on their heartstrings a bit. Source: https://wordcounter.io

Encourage Mingling

It’s crucial to encourage mingling if many of your guests don’t already know each other. An excellent way to do this is with conversation starters like creative name tags. Give everyone a nickname based on their occupation, for instance, and encourage guests to try and guess each other’s job. You can also offer party games to help break the ice but choose them carefully. Opt for fast-paced card games where keeping score isn’t necessary and dealing with guests in and out is simple. Cards Against Humanity is an excellent option, but you can also use Apples to Apples for a tamer crowd. Source: https://lifehacker.com

Stock Your Supplies

Make sure you have things prepared for any occasion. Have extra cleaning supplies, and dry goods like extra cups, bowls, plates, toilet, paper, or whatever people may need. Help save your guests some potential embarrassment by preparing your bathroom early. Stack a roll or two of toilet paper on the bathroom counter in plain sight so no one runs out. If someone spills a drink or drops their plate, having a plan in mind can help save your flooring and furniture, but also helps you look like a really well-prepared host. You could also prepare the rooms by marking out very clear locations where it’s acceptable to eat, where the bathroom is, where party supplies are, and whatnot.

Party Tips Final Thoughts

These party tips can help take your party to the next level, but remember that it’s the people who make the event special. Throwing the perfect party is a great feeling, but your guests will absolutely forgive you and even laugh with you if something goes amiss. Do what you can to make your party a hit but remember to go with the flow once the festivities begin.What party tips do you have that we may have missed? Leave your party tips in the comments. 
How to Throw the Ultimate Pool Party Bash for Your Kid

How to Throw the Ultimate Pool Party Bash for Your Kid

During the summer, there is nothing better than jumping in the pool. An epic pool party brings tons of fun for you and your kid. It does not matter whether you have a kiddie pool and an Olympic-sized pool. Here are a few tips to help you throw the ultimate pool party bash for your kid.

Jellyfish Lanterns

Create jellyfish decorations out of colorful paper lanterns. Enlist your kid to help, so that they can add their personal touch to their party. These whimsical creatures are bound to be a hit with everyone.

Beach Ball Garland

Make beach ball garland out of styrofoam balls, string, and paint! This is potentially an excellent way to save money (especially if you have a lot of beach balls, to begin with) and is no doubt highly unique.

DIY Photobooth

Create a DIY photobooth by hanging a tablecloth on the wall. Have summer props ready so that everyone can get creative. Check out the dollar section of stores as they usually have summer toys and photo props at a significant discount.

Snow Cone Cupcakes

Unsure about serving ice cream or cake? Make snow cone cupcakes! Bake the cupcake as you usually would using your favorite homemade recipe or box. Frost the cupcake with a thin layer of vanilla icing before pouring on sanding sugar. The best colors to use are red, teal, and yellow as they closely resemble snow cones, but feel free to use your child’s favorite colors.


From donuts to unicorns, pool inflatables come in many unique sizes and shapes. Use them as decor or even as the main attraction. Inflatable water slides are great for summer bashes! An inflatable water slide is sure to get the kids excited before they also hop in the pool!

Sand Dollar Cookies

Nothing screams summer more than sand dollars. Create this treat using your favorite snickerdoodle recipe. Before putting your cookies in the oven, place five sliced almonds on top in the shape of a star.

Healthy Snack Options

It is essential for kids to stay hydrated while running around on hot summer days. Provide healthy snack options such as celery, cucumber slices, grape tomatoes, pineapple, strawberries, and watermelon. Fruits and vegetables are excellent snack choices as they are satisfying and nutritious! In this same train of thought, be sure to keep germs at bay by providing ways for kids to keep clean conveniently.

Mermaid-Themed Table

Set up the table in a mermaid-style theme. Add seashells, mermaid cutouts, and glitter on a light blue tablecloth. Guests will not mind hopping out of the water and stepping on dry land with this impressive set-up. And if you want your guest to really feel the magic, you could go as far as to hire mermaid entertainers to help the kids feel like they’re in a Disney movie.

Classic Pool Party Games

You cannot go wrong with providing game options such as Marco-Polo, cannon-ball competitions, and sharks and minnows. These classic games are a hit for children of all ages, however, be sure that your pool is deep enough for cannon-balls and diving before having any competitions.

Balloons in the Pool

Give your pool a pop of color by throwing balloons in the water. Learning some basic balloon animals could be helpful, or you could hire a balloon artist to help entertain! It is a simple and affordable way to decorate your pool without buying a bunch of pool toys. The guests will have a blast playing with the balloons, and they even can take one home!

Safety Equipment

While it may not be the most fun part, having the proper safety equipment for the pool means that you won’t have to worry about a disaster ruining the party. Robert Allen Pool and Spas recommends having at least life rings, a first aid kit, and markers for your pool depth. Having those nearby will allow you to react quickly if needed.

There are many ways to throw the ultimate pool party as a pool party does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Your kid and their guests will enjoy a well-planned party, filled with summer fun.

By learning to make balloon animals is an easy and rewarding skill to develop. Having a balloon artist at your party is a great benefit seeing as they can help show your guests how to make their favorite animals and they’ll have something unique to take home. See how you can hire a balloon artist for your next event here!

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