Photographing a Party? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Photographing a Party? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Event Photography

Do you want to do event photography? These are important tips on how to do quality event photography. Before the day arrives, you need to gather your equipment so that you have plenty of storage on your camera and all of the filters and extra items to make each picture stunning. The following are only a few of the tips and tricks that you can use when taking photos at a birthday party, a corporate event, or another celebration.

Group Pictures

surprise party

Courtesy of Digital Photography School

Try to take a few pictures of groups of friends, family members, and of the guest of honor soon after the party begins. As more people arrive, smaller groups will tend to form, which means that it could be challenging to take pictures of everyone together. Get a few random pictures of family members while they are sitting or talking with each other, and photos of any groups of children so that parents can get copies.

Get Candid Shots

While you’re walking around and mingling with the people who are at the party, snap a few pictures of the people, decorations, tables, and the atmosphere without anyone knowing. These are often the best pictures that you can take. You can capture the true emotions of the people who are at the party and the details that are on display when you don’t even try to line up a perfect picture.

Find Out The Schedule

If certain events are supposed to take place at specific times, then you need to know when these will take place at the party so that you can take pictures. Try to take a few photos before the event, during the event, and then of the aftermath of the special time. Take pictures at different angles, zooming in and out so that you get images of everything that takes place and of all of the people who are taking part in the event.

Necessary Equipment


Courtesy of Wandrd Camera Bags

Get the equipment that you’ll need a few days before the party. A camera bag is an excellent item to have if you don’t already own one.  You can keep your camera, lens covers, and other things that are needed in one place. Try to find a bag that has a padded shoulder strap and is easy to carry so that you aren’t going back and forth to get your equipment while walking around the party taking pictures. Avoid leaving your gear lying around to prevent it from getting stolen or damaged.

Photography doesn’t always have to be exact. Some of the best pictures are those that are taken without anyone knowing. If you have all of your supplies together and you pay attention to your surroundings, then you can capture images that will be remembered for years. If you need any party planning or decorating tips, either as the photographer or organizer, check some of out our articles!

5 Must-Have Activities for Your Kid’s Backyard Bash

5 Must-Have Activities for Your Kid’s Backyard Bash

Backyard Birthday

Hosting a backyard birthday party for your child’s birthday can mean a lot of preparation in advance. From sending out invitations to choosing food, drinks, and goody bags, it can be easy to forget the entertainment. To make this easier on yourself, forget about doing anything elaborate. The fun activities below are sure to please kids of all ages and require very little preparation on your end. These activities pair well with our birthday party packages

1. Balloon Popping


  • Large Foam Poster Board
  • Balloons
  • Push Pins
  • Darts


To create this fun game, blow up a bunch of balloons and pin them (by the ends) to the foam board until it’s filled. Then, let kids stand at a distance and throw darts to try and pop as many balloons as they can in a few throws. If you want to make this more exciting, you can fill the balloons with lightweight prizes before blowing them up, or make them into interesting shapes by doing balloon art and giving prizes based on the shapes popped.

2. Water Activities

To help kids cool off while staying entertained, swap out traditional pinatas for water balloons. These are relatively easy to pop, and the leftover water balloons can be used for playing “hot potato” or having a water balloon fight.


If you have a budget that allows (or want to make one), a dunk tank can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. You can even turn this into a competition with prizes for whoever dunks in the least amount of throws.

3. Mini Golf Course

You don’t need fancy equipment to set up a mini-golf course, although you will need some plastic golf clubs. Make different areas of the course more challenging with balloon arches, shoe boxes with holes cut out, and mini tents for the ball to pass through.

4. Water Gun Art


  • 6 Water Guns
  • Water
  • Washable Finger Paints
  • Canvas or Thick Paper


Hang the paper or canvas up on an easel or laundry line to start. Then, fill each of the water guns with different colors of finger paints (water them down). From there, let the kids shoot water onto their medium to create a unique piece of art they can take home.

5. Craft Table


  • A large surface area
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • Printed Coloring Pages
  • Blank Paper


It’s always smart to provide a passive activity for kids to do. In this case, include a crafting station where kids can sit and explore their creativity. Print off a collection of coloring pages that suit the theme of the party. You’ll want to print off plenty of options, so be sure to stock up on printer ink.

A Memorable Backyard Bash

Having a backyard birthday is one of the best ways to save money while making memories at home. Little ones can enjoy any of the activities above while playing with their friends or even siblings. What’s even better is that you can use these all throughout the summer, so they’re perfect for more than just a party.


The Best Ways to Utilize a Balloon Artist

How a Balloon Artist can be Utilized

When you hire a balloon artist you can use them in many different ways. In this blog post, I will highlight the top four ways you can utilize a balloon artist. The question of why balloon art will be answered. Also, this post is for anyone looking to hire a balloon artist for their next event/party/celebration.

Event Planning

Balloon artists perform at many events and can be a great asset in your event planning stages. They can help you determine how much time you should book for the balloon art and other aspects of your party. The artist can also help with arrival and when is a good time to start the activities for the children. A balloon artist may seem like a weird person to ask for event planning advice. However, these are people performing at events on a regular basis. They could be one of your best resources for event planning.

Crowd Engagement from the Balloon Artist

Do you need event guests in a certain spot at an event? Or do you want to increase foot traffic to your booth? Having balloons attracts event attendees of all ages. If you are having a break from other activities the balloon artist can be a great person to entertain the crowd. I perform at Fenway Park and one of my jobs is to entertain guests before the gates are opened. This is a crowd of people behind turnstiles for about twenty minutes. I do not make them sculptures as that would not work. I get them to cheer loudly and then send balloons flying into the crowd. Would your event benefit from something like that?

Event AtmosphereBalloon artist Jonah at event

So, balloons are big and colorful. By adding something so big and colorful to your event you are able to influence the atmosphere. Not only will it be more colorful and upbeat the balloon colors can match your event colors. The event participants will not only enjoy seeing the balloons. Having their own custom balloon sculpture makes it even better. I can make sculptures that people hold or wear. If they choose to wear the sculpture they can do so as a hat, bracelet, hairband, or ring. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons. How cool.


Branding is usually for businesses but can also be used for other events. Your company logo, name, or significant object can be made out of balloons. We can also get your logo printed on balloons that will be used in designs at your event. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons in your colors with your printed logo. The event guests take their balloons home and get to keep seeing your logo every time they look at the balloon. You may be thinking well sounds great Jonah but my event is not well lit. No worries I have LED lights to light up the sculptures so now picture your logo glowing. Also, the balloon artist can wear their own colorful clothing or in the above image where I am wearing all black. I have worn company t-shirts to custom themed vests and bow ties. 
I hope this was helpful for understanding the benefits balloons can bring to your next event. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to talk about your event please contact me with the form at the bottom of this page.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events and Functions

Most bars have a promotion to get people in before they normally get busy called a happy hour. Did you know that balloons are not just for birthday parties? Did you know that some companies have socials for their employees that are similar to happy hours? These socials are great for employees to enjoy the company culture without having to worry about the stress of deadlines. Corporate events can be very simple or super fancy.

Corporate Events


At some companies they bring in some alcohol on a Thursday afternoon and that is it. In other companies it has a theme, is catered and there is entertainment. I have performed at several of these events. People do not realize how intricate and detailed balloon designs can be. I have had the pleasure of entertaining at many of these and can tell you that the balloons have many benefits for a workplace event.


Some of the benefits that balloons bring to a corporate event includes: ice breaker, improved atmosphere, cooler pictures, and awesome keepsakes. I have seen people from different departments who have not ever met bonding over their different balloon designs. Having balloons at an event makes it feel less like a stuffy office and more of a cool place to let loose. The pictures at the event allow the participants to remember their balloons and their reactions to the balloons. The people who receive a balloon not only get to keep it they can do whatever they like with it. I have heard of employees decorating their cubical with the balloons I have created.

Other Options for Corporate Events

So, your company doesn’t do happy hours, cool. Jonah’s Twisters has entertained at take your kid to work day. We also offer balloon twisting workshops and we can access a network of other entertainers. Does your company have a booth at a fair, festival, or tradeshow that you would like to increase foot traffic? Jonah’s twisters can help engage your audience and inform them about your product. We also perform at company holiday parties.
We would love to talk to you about your event and the different options that we have to make your event successful. Such as clowns, magicians, stilt walkers, face painters, and caricature artists.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture Woburn, MA Presidents Weekend

On Presidents Weekend, you can find me at the Bob’s Discount Furniture in Woburn, MA. When I am at Bob’s creating balloon art, memories, and more. Woburn is outside of Boston and perfect location to see Boston Balloon Art by Jonah. I will perform for all patrons of Bob’s from 11:00-3:00 pm Saturday- Monday. I will be in the freebies section towards the back of the store creating amazing balloons. The freebies section has cookies, candy, ice cream, and more.

Jonah with a really big balloon Bob's Discount Furniture

Jonah and a larger than life creation of Bob.

What Can I Make

At Bob’s I can make sculptures that are more complicated than when I am doing crowd work such as at the Boston Red Sox. I am also able to take challenges. While I have some regulars who will come in and challenge me to make things that I did not even have on my radar. Seeing me in person can be your chance to give me the best challenge you have got. This balloon artist loves challenges as it keeps me involved in my work and on my toes. My favorite part is the reactions of people when I create things that they did not expect I could create. Also, if it is slow I may build something really big.

Why Should I Visit

Visiting Bob’s Woburn is a great way to see me in action. Also, to determine if I am a good fit for your next event or promotion. Going to Bob’s on Presidents weekend is a great way to get a balloon sculpture without the wait. You get my undivided attention well I make your sculpture(s). This is the weekend that Bob’s opens new stores around the United States. Sometimes they have have give aways for those who come in and visit. So worst case you get an ice cream and a balloon.

The Details

When: President’s Weekend 2018 Feb 17-19 11-3pm

Where: Bob’s Discount Furniture

Who: Jonah’s Twisters performs

Deal: Bob’s Discount Furniture has Everyday low prices no gimmicks

Contact: Jonah or Bob’s Discount Furniture Woburn if you have a question.

Planning a Party

Are you Planning a Party in the Boston Area

Are you planning a party for a company or for someone’s birthday? In this post, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of party planning. We are going to especially be looking at entertainment and how that fits into your party. This post is intended to help you understand how you can best work with entertainment professionals.

Steps involved

There are many steps involved in party planning so please let me know in the comments if I forgot one. Before you start planning it is important to come up with a budget and be aware of it. Knowing the budget will make the next steps easier. Boston Party PlanningAfter you have your budget you will need to decide on a date and time. This can be flexible, but good to have in mind before going forward.  The next step is to identify your attendees. Who is going to attend your party? How many attendees? Answering these questions will help you figure out what venue and services you may require. If you are having over 200 adults then your apartment is probably not the right choice. Then a venue can be found that matches your attendees and your budget. For most birthday parties the venue can be the home. If you are using a backyard for any party have rain contingency plan. Next is food based on when in the course of the day you party is you can figure out how much and what types of food you will require. Now you have the venue, date, list of attendees you can know work on the entertainment. Make sure to ask for R.S.V.P.s to know who is coming.  Hopefully, you still have funds in your budget for entertainment. The options for entertainment are many. In the next section, I will focus on the options that Jonah’s Twisters can provide for parties in the Boston area.

What Jonah’s Twisters offers

Jonah being Jonah are you planning a party Boston

Jonah interacting with a customer at an event.

Jonah’s Twisters offers a variety of services with balloons. We also work with entertainers and service providers with many different skills. We are able to help most clients and if not we will refer you to someone who can better help you. For party entertainment, Jonah can walk around and make different sculptures for the guests. Jonah can also create amazing balloon decorations for your event. Custom sculptures made to look like the guest of honor or the things they like are also possibilities. Do you want a custom photo frame for your event? Jonah’s Twisters can do that too.

Are you planning a party and interested in discussing your party with us please use the contact box below.

Best suggestions

Make sure to plan ahead and give all the vendors you will be working with plenty of notice.  The closer to your event the higher the likelihood the vendors you want are already booked. Also by booking in advance, you can have all of your contracts signed weeks before and feel less stress. I want to clarify that I do recommend entertainment at any event. However, I want to clarify that more entertainment is not always better. You want your guest to have a good time and enjoy the party. If you have too much entertainment your guests will leave feeling overwhelmed. They may feel upset if they did not get to participate in all the activities.

Parting Words

Thank you for taking time to read this post. However, if you feel I missed anything feel free to let me know through an e-mail or the comments. Are you planning a party and interested in discussing your party with us please use the contact box below.

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