How a Balloon Artist can be Utilized

When you hire a balloon artist you can use them in many different ways. In this blog post, I will highlight the top four ways you can utilize a balloon artist. The question of why balloon art will be answered. Also, this post is for anyone looking to hire a balloon artist for their next event/party/celebration.

Event Planning

Balloon artists perform at many events and can be a great asset in your event planning stages. They can help you determine how much time you should book for the balloon art and other aspects of your party. The artist can also help with arrival and when is a good time to start the activities for the children. A balloon artist may seem like a weird person to ask for event planning advice. However, these are people performing at events on a regular basis. They could be one of your best resources for event planning.

Crowd Engagement from the Balloon Artist

Do you need event guests in a certain spot at an event? Or do you want to increase foot traffic to your booth? Having balloons attracts event attendees of all ages. If you are having a break from other activities the balloon artist can be a great person to entertain the crowd. I perform at Fenway Park and one of my jobs is to entertain guests before the gates are opened. This is a crowd of people behind turnstiles for about twenty minutes. I do not make them sculptures as that would not work. I get them to cheer loudly and then send balloons flying into the crowd. Would your event benefit from something like that?

Event AtmosphereBalloon artist Jonah at event

So, balloons are big and colorful. By adding something so big and colorful to your event you are able to influence the atmosphere. Not only will it be more colorful and upbeat the balloon colors can match your event colors. The event participants will not only enjoy seeing the balloons. Having their own custom balloon sculpture makes it even better. I can make sculptures that people hold or wear. If they choose to wear the sculpture they can do so as a hat, bracelet, hairband, or ring. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons. How cool.


Branding is usually for businesses but can also be used for other events. Your company logo, name, or significant object can be made out of balloons. We can also get your logo printed on balloons that will be used in designs at your event. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons in your colors with your printed logo. The event guests take their balloons home and get to keep seeing your logo every time they look at the balloon. You may be thinking well sounds great Jonah but my event is not well lit. No worries I have LED lights to light up the sculptures so now picture your logo glowing. Also, the balloon artist can wear their own colorful clothing or in the above image where I am wearing all black. I have worn company t-shirts to custom themed vests and bow ties. 
I hope this was helpful for understanding the benefits balloons can bring to your next event. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to talk about your event please contact me with the form at the bottom of this page.

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The Best Ways to Utilize a Balloon Artist

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