Backyard Birthday

Hosting a backyard birthday party for your child’s birthday can mean a lot of preparation in advance. From sending out invitations to choosing food, drinks, and goody bags, it can be easy to forget the entertainment. To make this easier on yourself, forget about doing anything elaborate. The fun activities below are sure to please kids of all ages and require very little preparation on your end. These activities pair well with our birthday party packages

1. Balloon Popping


  • Large Foam Poster Board
  • Balloons
  • Push Pins
  • Darts

To create this fun game, blow up a bunch of balloons and pin them (by the ends) to the foam board until it’s filled. Then, let kids stand at a distance and throw darts to try and pop as many balloons as they can in a few throws. If you want to make this more exciting, you can fill the balloons with lightweight prizes before blowing them up, or make them into interesting shapes by doing balloon art and giving prizes based on the shapes popped.

2. Water Activities

To help kids cool off while staying entertained, swap out traditional pinatas for water balloons. These are relatively easy to pop, and the leftover water balloons can be used for playing “hot potato” or having a water balloon fight.

If you have a budget that allows (or want to make one), a dunk tank can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. You can even turn this into a competition with prizes for whoever dunks in the least amount of throws.

3. Mini Golf Course

You don’t need fancy equipment to set up a mini-golf course, although you will need some plastic golf clubs. Make different areas of the course more challenging with balloon arches, shoe boxes with holes cut out, and mini tents for the ball to pass through.

4. Water Gun Art


  • 6 Water Guns
  • Water
  • Washable Finger Paints
  • Canvas or Thick Paper

Hang the paper or canvas up on an easel or laundry line to start. Then, fill each of the water guns with different colors of finger paints (water them down). From there, let the kids shoot water onto their medium to create a unique piece of art they can take home.

5. Craft Table


  • A large surface area
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • Printed Coloring Pages
  • Blank Paper

It’s always smart to provide a passive activity for kids to do. In this case, include a crafting station where kids can sit and explore their creativity. Print off a collection of coloring pages that suit the theme of the party. You’ll want to print off plenty of options, so be sure to stock up on printer ink.

A Memorable Backyard Bash

Having a backyard birthday is one of the best ways to save money while making memories at home. Little ones can enjoy any of the activities above while playing with their friends or even siblings. What’s even better is that you can use these all throughout the summer, so they’re perfect for more than just a party.


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5 Must-Have Activities for Your Kid’s Backyard Bash

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