Birthday Party Essentials 

Getting invited to a birthday party is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a child. As an adult, you know that planning that party can be a little stressful. This article goes over some tips and birthday party essentials to keep everything fun and as exciting for you as the guests that are attending it. Everything on the list is easy to do and will be sure to leave a memorable impression on adults and children alike.


No matter what age a child is, they tend to get bored fairly quickly. You can avoid this from happening by planning activities at the party. Arrange for the kids to play games that are fair and easy for children of all ages. One party favorite is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can change the theme of this to match any theme, such as: Place the Tiara on the Princess or Pin the Carrot on the Snowman. A piñata is also an excellent game for any birthday party and also fits into any birthday theme. Because it hangs on a string, it is easily lowered or raised to accommodate kids of all sizes.

Party Bags

One thing that all kids love is personalized goody bags. Like the game activities, they can be customized to match the party theme. They are not difficult to make. All you need is several party bags, so each kid goes home with one. Fill the bags with tiny toys, candy, stickers, etc. Maybe even go with some funny options with customization, such as funny pictures of your child and their friends so that the bags (or candy wrappers themselves) can be stored and treasured. Anything that fits inside the bag and is kid-friendly will make do though! Make sure you make a few extra just in case! Once the bags are handed out, you should write the name of the child on each bag, so everyone knows which bag is their bag. This will save a lot of tears and arguments! Jonah’s Twisters can make custom goody bags with or without balloons. 


You may have some kids who don’t have to partake in the activities. You also may need something to entertain the kids when the games are finished. If you have space, you can rent a bouncy house, a balloon artist, or even a face painter (or if you have the artistic sensibilities, do it yourself). Make sure you get the proper insurance through the company you rent the bouncy house from just in case. The bouncy house is a great way for kids to burn off energy and children of all ages are sure to love it.


A well-planned party can make the world of difference for any host. Remember these three tips for your next birthday party, and it’s sure to be a hit! If you need help with any of this Jonah’s Twisters is more than willing to help. Just contact us below. 


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3 Birthday Parties Essentials

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