Throwing a birthday party for your child can be a super fun activity that the whole family looks forward to. However, dealing with the complications of braces can certainly put a damper on your child’s birthday party if they aren’t handled wisely. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you’re throwing a birthday party for your child with braces.


First off, you’ll need to think about the birthday party activities that you want to include in your child’s special day. There are lots of fun birthday party activities that you could have the children participate in. However, if you’re planning on including some rowdy, physical activities such as contact sports, laser tag or four square, your child may want to wear a mouthguard. This will protect your child from any injuries to their mouth or lips if they get hit or bumped in the face. This will also protect your child’s braces from any painful damage that could happen. Having activites such as arts and crafts, balloon animals, face painting, and magic can enhance a party without being a risk to braces.


Next, you need to be thinking about braces-friendly birthday party foods. Try to avoid serving foods that are highly acidic, sticky, or crunch, since these can damage braces and make it harder to keep them clean. Sticky, starchy foods such as caramel popcorn or saltwater taffy can be very difficult to eat and clean out of braces. Even crunching vegetables or whole fruits, such as apples, can be super tricky to bite into, and might cause some damage to your child’s braces. Try to choose party foods that will be fun, delicious, and easy to eat. Fresh fruit is a great option as long as it is cut into manageable pieces. Try a fresh fruit platter for a fun spread! Smoothies and juice make for a great, refreshing party drink. Snacks such as bread and dips or cheese are also very braces-friendly and are a delicious snack.


Finally, remember that your child will have some braces hygiene needs during their fun birthday party. Even if you’re serving braces-friendly foods, your child is bound to get some food fragments stuck in their braces or teeth. If you provide a relaxed, easy environment that isn’t focused on your child 100% of the time, they will be able to slip away and clean their braces if they wish to do so. You can even have a little travel brush and flosser handy if your party isn’t at home.

So, if you are throwing a fun birthday party for your child with braces, remember that there are a few extra steps that you’ll need to prepare to make sure that the party is a success. If you plan braces-friendly activities, braces-friendly snacks, treats, and foods, and a quick, easy, hygiene routine, your child will be able to enjoy the party without any embarrassment. Instead of remembering the party as an awkward encounter with food-filled braces, your child will remember lots of fun memories.

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Considerations to Make When Throwing a Birthday Party for a Child with Braces

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