Along with serving as a medium to express creativity, engaging in performing arts can teach individuals numerous skills that transform them into great leaders. In this article by Jonah’s Twisters, we’ll explore four leadership skills that individuals of all ages can develop through performance arts.

Leadership Trait: Observational Skills

Performance artists are taught to be in tune with their actions and those around them. When on stage, they’re also observant of the audience’s reaction and modify performances to engage those in attendance. In a professional setting, being a keen observer can help leaders adapt their actions to help colleagues in need, portray confidence during presentations and develop a strong understanding of their environment.


Being an artist means going through various ups and downs. Auditioning for roles is a highly competitive process that requires one to be at their best at all times. Additionally, prepping for a show can take a few days to months, during which one needs to be consistent in practice, diet, and rest. As a result, performers become experts at living a disciplined lifestyle, which can directly translate into being a good leader who is always on top of deadlines and keeps others in check as well.

Being Open to Feedback

Snagajob notes that accepting criticism is never easy, but one of the ways performance artists improve their craft is by receiving constant feedback from teachers and fellow performers. Additionally, they learn how to integrate this feedback into performances in a short time and become better. Being receptive to feedback is a desirable skill in all leaders, as not only does it help them improve but also makes them approachable and likable, as reported by EQ.


The arts encourage students to push boundaries and take risks to explore their creative potential fully. This can include undertaking challenging roles, organizing a solo performance, or making a switch to a new discipline. Taking risks is never easy and always involves a chance of failure. However, even if artists do not achieve their desired result in time, the challenges they face make them mentally stronger and less scared of uncertainty in the future, as reported by SeeKen. In the professional world, having the confidence to take risks can help individuals set themselves apart from the rest and chase creative solutions to challenging problems.

Through participating in performance arts, individuals not only explore their passion for acting, dancing, music, etc. but also develop strong personalities and leadership skills that help them excel in professional endeavors beyond the stage.

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4 Leadership Skills Students Develop Through Performance Arts

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