Spending time together as a family is important. You want to make memories with your children and spouse by taking fun vacations and trips that everyone can enjoy. However, trying to juggle family trips during the school year can present a challenge. These ideas from Jonah’s Twisters can help everyone make the most of their time together, from a weekend to a whole week, or whenever your family can make it work. 

Figuring Out When Works Best for Everyone 

The best thing to do is to first sit down with your entire family, and figure out when you can take vacations. This is especially crucial if your children attend different schools, or if your place of employment has a busy time of year. Get school and work calendars out, and start marking down holidays, teacher days, and weeks off. Even if you cannot get a perfect time off, it can help to narrow down the best times for you and your family to take a vacation. 

Planning a Staycation and Making the Most of It

In some cases, it might be easier to plan a staycation and have fun as a family without traveling anywhere. According to experts, there are a lot of different ways you can make the most of your staycation. These could include planning a spa day (at home or local); learning new skills, such as teaching your children chess; or even fixing up your home. 

You might consider setting up fun outdoor activities like a basketball court, a pool, or even badminton or archery. The possibilities are endless depending on the size of your yard and what your family wants. If you want to keep things safe, you might consider putting a fence around your property. It’s best to work with local contractors first so you can get a quote and figure out what your needs are when fencing the area. Make sure you check out online reviews of the contractors. Although some homeowners spend around $4,500 to have a new fence put in, the cost can fluctuate based on the size of the fence, the materials used, and where it is being installed. Many of them who help you are licensed, insured, and know to find out where the utility lines are located.  

Traveling and Keeping Safe During the Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, it’s important to find travel options that are safe, should you leave your home. Consider renting a home or condo if you go somewhere. This provides all the comforts your family is used to living in without the need to share your surroundings with others. This can give your family extra privacy and keep everyone from coming into contact with additional germs. Don’t forget about additional precautions when traveling during the pandemic. 

Making Fun Weekend Getaways With Your Family 

Don’t rule out local places you can visit, even if you have to travel an hour or two. Find out what zoos, parks, and museums are near you. Your children might have a chance to discover more about the city they live in, and any history connected with it. Microvacations are easier to unpack from and allow for more enjoyment rather than trying to cram everything into a packed schedule. 

Spending time with your family should be fun and relaxing. Learn how you can make the most of your time together, even if you are planning a small vacation during the school year. 

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Time Together: Ideas for Planning Family Vacations During School Breaks

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