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It’s not always easy to keep a surprise party a secret. In fact, if your child is about to celebrate something really special, like their sweet sixteen birthday, they might even be expecting a surprise party. This makes it doubly hard to keep it a surprise. But with a bit of cunning, it is entirely feasible to pull off the impossible. Here are some tips for keeping a surprise party a surprise.

Don’t Have the Party at Your House

It is next to impossible to plan a surprise right under someone’s nose. You’re kidding yourself if you think your guest of honor won’t notice that you’ve cleaned the house, stocked up on snacks, prepared their favorite treats and made everybody get dressed up. Instead, plan the celebration someplace else, like at one of their friend’s houses. Or, make it easy on yourself by scheduling it at a nearby restaurant. That way you can show up and enjoy without having to worry about setting up beforehand and cleaning up afterward.

Be Somewhat Predictable

Choose a location that is one of your usual haunts or at least nearby. If you suggest going someplace outside of your familiar hangouts, it might raise suspicion and ruin the surprise. Consider planning the party around your child’s usual routines. If there is someplace your child already regularly goes, schedule the special event there. This might make it a bit easier to get her out of the house and to her party without ever raising an eyebrow.

All of the Guests Must Be In on the Surprise

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Everybody must be aware that this is indeed a surprise party. But keep in mind that other children may be the most significant risk of ruining the surprise. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t stress this with all of the guests. Don’t avoid letting other kids in on the surprise though. They will be able to keep the secret if you emphasize the importance of it to them. Also, be sure to remind your guests to keep their children in the loop.

You Wouldn’t Forget

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Don’t bother trying to be coy by pretending to forget the birthday. You wouldn’t forget such a momentous occasion. But, do pretend that your family has other plans for the special day. To ward off suspicion, make phony plans to celebrate on a different day.

Appoint a Trickster

Someone has to be tasked with making sure the guest of honor arrives on time for the party. This can be an individual or a group of people. The best scenario is to have plans for a pre-party event, such as a meal out or a shopping trip. This way there is no risk of the guest of honor arriving late to their own surprise.

Choose the Date Carefully


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Try scheduling the party for a date that’s close to, but not actually on, your child’s birthday. Nobody expects a surprise party the week before their special day. Definitely schedule it before their birthday, though. If you wait until after the special day has passed, it looks like you just forgot altogether.

Enlist Lots of Helpers

Don’t try to do it all on your own. Everyone knows you’re the party-planning maven. But if you try to do too much, you run the risk of letting it slip. Keep the secret safer by delegating some of the responsibilities, like shopping for party food or setting up the decorations, to other guests.

Be Cunning All the Way Up to the Last Minute

Overlooking essential details can ruin the surprise at the last minute. Tell your guests to park around the corner. Your child would surely recognize Nana’s car or the cars belonging to their friends’ parents, and then the jig would be up. Don’t bother flickering the lights to hush the crowd and get them ready for the surprise. That would give it away. Also, forget pre-party posts on social media. Otherwise, you’re sure to be caught.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, you might be able to pull it off. But, it’s really tricky to truly surprise someone, especially for a milestone event. So, even if it’s ruined, you should still feel proud of the incredibly caring act of planning the surprise in the first place. You can be sure that the guest of honor will love you for it, and you can still have fun with it anyway!


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How To Keep A Surprise Party A Surprise

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