Star Wars fever shows no signs of slowing down. Thus, it is not surprising that so many children are still rabid fans of this franchise. Here are four ways that you can incorporate this fun theme into your next birthday celebration.

Visit Galaxy’s Edge

Opening on Memorial Day weekend, the new Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland Resort is sure to please any Star Wars fan. This attraction has been highly publicized, with discount tickets to Disneyland being sold well in advance of the opening, so expect some major crowds. Visitors during the first few months of opening need to have a reserved ticket to even enter the land, so be sure to plan ahead. With two major attractions, interactive shopping opportunities, and a myriad of Star Wars-themed food and drink, a visit to the new Galaxy’s Edge is a fantastic way to celebrate a birthday.

Game On

It is easy to get party attendees engaged when you incorporate the right games into the celebration. Depending on the age of your guests, you can play games such as pin the bun on Princess Leia, Jedi training obstacle courses, or a Star Wars specific scavenger hunt. If you choose to provide the classic party pinata, using a sturdy lightsaber to break it is a fun way to carry the theme over to this traditional game.

Get Creative with Food and Drink

Everyone remembers the food and drink that is served at a birthday party, making food the perfect way to extend the theme of the celebration. Get creative by serving up refreshments that incorporate all of your favorite Stars Wars characters. Or take ordinary food and drink and tweak it to fit the theme of the party with creative names and signage.

Lightsaber Balloons

Nothing sets the stage for an out of this world Star Wars party quite like lightsaber balloons. Lightsaber balloons will make any birthday party shine. Regardless of if you want to use these unique balloons to create a stunning table centerpiece or incorporate them into your party games, these creations have multiple usages at your celebration. Your child will delight in seeing these fun balloons all over your party venue.

The possibilities are endless when looking to incorporate your child’s love of Star Wars themed birthday celebration. Being creative and thinking outside of the box will make this birthday one that your little Star Wars fan will always remember.


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4 Star Wars Themed Ways to Celebrate Your Next Birthday

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