There are many things to teach your child at every stage of development, it can seem overwhelming at times. Today, Jonah’s Twisters shares some great ideas to get them started on positive trajectories, as well as maintain the gains they’ve already made.

Teach Your Children About Priorities

Teaching your child about setting priorities is one of the best gifts you can give them.

  • At all ages, suggests talking with your kids about deciding what things are most important and the difference between have to, need to, and want to.
  • Model setting priorities and time management yourself. Explain why you’ve chosen to do a particular task first or last.
  • Offer your child age-appropriate choices so they get frequent practice making decisions.
  • Make sure your children can see from your behavior that they are important priorities for you, no matter how crazy the world gets.

Make Learning Part of Everyday Life

Learning should be a lifelong activity, and you can help them develop ways to do this.

  • Verywell Health recommends making sure your own behavior shows that you are continuing to learn all sorts of things as an adult. Pursue your curiosity and talk about things you’re learning.
  • If you’d like to go back to school for a degree in education, consider this option as a great way to model your love of learning for your children.
  • This includes modeling healthy behaviors like exercise. Play with them outside or find activities the whole family can enjoy like hiking or biking. Of course, as Mom, you’ll want to be as comfortable in your clothes as possible, and you can find versatile and stylish clothes even if you’re a new mom with baby in tow.
  • Read to small children regularly, and establish a reading time when the whole family enjoys books together.
  • Go to the library, and take your kids along, even when they are very small. As they get older and learn to read, let them select their books and sign up for library cards.
  • Consider fun and enriching learning via online courses in science, technology, engineering, art, and math, for your children once they’re mature enough to use computers.
  • Another important thing you can do with children is teaching them about nature and how to respect it. This great article is about planting trees with your kids.

Teach Your Kids to Use Words for Good

Sometimes people of all ages are oblivious to the power of words. Teach your children about the power of well-chosen words, both with instruction and modeling the behavior.

  • Teach them how to ask for help. Let them know that it’s not only OK, but it’s a way to become stronger.
  • Show them how to express feelings with words. You can model this yourself, as well as ask them about how they feel.
  • Demonstrate how to apologize and explain when it’s important to take responsibility for one’s own behavior.
  • Teach your kids to say thank you and express appreciation.

Remember that your most powerful tool for teaching your child is modeling desired behavior. Even when they don’t seem to be paying attention, kids are absorbing lessons from the behavior of those around them. So besides making sure they have access to enriching learning materials, make sure that you are walking the walk yourself, and you’ll be rewarded when your child imitates you.

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