Whether renting or buying, finding a home that meets your specific wants and needs can be challenging. That task becomes even more difficult if you are looking for a great home that also fits your entertaining needs. Fortunately, there are some common features to look for in a great hosting house. Here, Jonah’s Twisters presents some of the qualities that party-hosting house hunters should look for in their next place of residence.

Research the Market   

Before you begin looking at properties, research the housing market to see what kind of homes are available. It’s important to know what price range you’ll be facing before you look for financing. Realtors will want to know what loan amount the mortgage lender will approve. Narrow the search appropriately, and pull out all the stops to get that credit score raised. As long as you’re gainfully employed and have a good credit score, getting a mortgage with a good interest rate shouldn’t be a huge problem.

If new construction is on the table, take time to research the home builder and ask important questions regarding their experience. Additionally, make sure they have all the necessary insurance and licenses. Also, note that lenders are particularly strict on new construction loans since they are less secure than loans on existing structures.

Outdoor Features

Safe walkways are a good place to start when looking for a home that’s optimal for entertaining. If it’s not convenient to do a drive-by, do one using the Google Maps street view. Drive down the street with a computer mouse to see if the home looks appealing, but remember that the home may have been updated since Google did their recordings. Good lighting and attractive landscaping go a long way. A home that lacks curb appeal can always be spruced up. See it with a sense of what it may become.

It’s always a nice option to have an outdoor recreational space: a deck, patio, and/or spacious yard can make a home the place to be. Moreover, look for easy indoor-outdoor flow such as sliding doors or a screened-in patio to make it convenient to step outside. If you have a dog, this space is a must. Look for properties with fenced-in yards. If they have a good spot to designate as an outdoor bathing/grooming area, that’s even better! You can find helpful pet care advice and veterinarian-reviewed products online and cut out the expense and hassle of taking your pet to the groomer.

Media Room

You never know when a rager will mellow down into a movie night, or when a dinner party will ratchet up into karaoke, but it’s nice to have a home theater or media room as an option. The kids and teenagers can escape there for Playstation tournaments, or this corner of the castle can be transformed into a disco, with mirror ball and dance floor.

To keep costs low when you’ve got an electronic entertainment space like this, consider adding solar to your new home. You can check prices online by inputting some specific information about your home and area, but you’ll want to work with a company for a real quote when you get serious. Solar can feel expensive up front, but it often dramatically lowers your monthly electricity bill. Plus, you are doing your part to offset your carbon footprint.

The First Thing They See

When they pull up to the house, there should be a welcoming entrance into the home. For instance, a covered front porch or entryway will keep your guests dry during inclement weather as they wait at the door. A large entry hall (or foyer) can come in handy. Guests will have plenty of space to stand, hand their coats off, and mingle.

Look for a home that has a coat closet in the entryway. Option two: buy a coat rack to keep in the entryway or install hooks along a wall.

Open Floor Plan

When it comes to a home layout, it is hard to beat an open floor concept for parties. An open floor plan can give flexibility with seating arrangements, table setups, and flow. Typically, people hang out where the food is, which means your kitchen can quickly become crowded. An island or a breakfast nook makes the kitchen comfortable and inviting.

Find ways to keep your kitchen functional while also looking fabulous. For instance, if you have pets, look into hidden pet food storage options that will keep bowls and kibble out of sight. And if you’re looking for dried dog food that will keep your pet healthy and happy, look for options with organic and grain-free ingredients. There are even options that offer free delivery, which makes them even more convenient.

Bathroom Access

Yes, at least one guest bathroom downstairs is a must, as well as a half-bath, for larger parties. Some people are too embarrassed to ask where the bathrooms are, so if they’re conveniently conspicuous that’s an added bonus.

Find Your Perfect Hosting House

House hunting can be both exciting and stressful, but when you find a home that can make your entertaining dreams come true, it will be all worth it. Party hosts need homes that allow them to shine. Make yours one that brings people together.

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Finding the Perfect Fit for Homeowners Who Love to Entertain

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