I have been talking to many people and everyone is trying to figure out the best way to celebrate their birthday or their children’s birthday. I have come up with 5 different ways for all ages, however some will be better for adults and vice verses. I welcome ideas/suggestions in the comments of birthday. Here are a list of 5 different ways in no specific order to celebrate birthdays during a pandemic. I have where possible given ideas of how a balloon artist could be worked into these events. 

1. Drive By Birthday

Drive by birthday’s were popular in March as fire and police departments were able to participate. They are still popular and can be done in a way that is fun for everyone. This way to celebrate involves the participant standing by the street as well-wishers wave and  honk as they drive by. The well-wishers decorate their cars with signs, balloons, and car paint. This can be adapted for other events such as Halloween by having stations aka trick or treating. Then at the end people could get something special like a balloon sculpture, party favor, or gift. 

2. Socially Distanced

Socially distanced parties can be done in a variety of ways. I participated in one that was a cousin’s party and each family of cousins had their own assigned area. I made balloons in another area with six feet of distance from me and the participants. This can be great if you have lots of space and small groups. Think of it like a get together where everyone has their own bubble to sit in. 

3. Zoom/Online

This one is better suited  for the older children who understand who is on the screen. For those who are too far away or unable to physically  attend having a Zoom party can be a great idea. There are other platforms that do that same thing and may be more user-friendly. This can be hard for those with less technical skills and may feel like a day a work reminding people they are muted and such. 

4.  Hybrid

Do you want a little of both in-person and Zoom party? A hybrid can be a drive by with a Zoom going on during it so people can participate in both. It could also be an online party with activities delivered before the Zoom starts that everyone does together. This can also be done by performers, such as balloon artist creating balloons and the balloon being given to them or a balloon workshop party. 

5. Drop Off

Having a drop off birthday party is similar to a drive by just stuff appears on your porch such as signs, presents, balloons. I would also put window greetings/performances in this category.  This is great for those that going outside is viable. 

6. Postpone 

Well, it might make sense to hold off if you can’t find something you like to celebrate your big day as maybe a COVID-19 birthday party isn’t for you.. 

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading about five ways to celebrate COVID-19  birthday parties. There are other ways to celebrate birthdays without parties such as yard signs, videos, and watching Netflix. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments. 

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COVID-19 Birthday Party Ideas

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