How to Plan An Epic Company Party in Boston

Company Party

A company party is a great way to celebrate your employees and commend them for a job well-done. If you’re planning on throwing an event that rivals the experience at Fenway Park, there are some things you should do well in advance of the scheduled date. Making preparations a few months ahead allows you time to get all of your affairs in order. It provides you time to reach out to entertainers and vendors who are needed to make the event a success. Here is how to plan an epic company party in Boston:

Choose a theme to work with

When you select one, it allows you to make plans easier. Everything you do going forward is with the theme in mind. It allows you to control costs better when you have an idea of what type of get-together you want to have for your employees and their families. You may want to do a family night at Fenway Park or a dinner and a game. You can do an in-house company party allowing you to save on venue expenses and splurge for everything else. 

Recruit an event planning crew

Company Party

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See if anyone wants to volunteer to help you plan, set-up, and tear down the event. That way, you’re not stuck doing everything alone. Having other people to depend on makes fast work of even the largest event. It allows everyone to have a good time, too, because it looks like professionals were involved rather than an amateur. The BBC Good Food website offers plenty of advice on which foods to prepare and the quantities needed to feed a hungry crowd. Don’t forget to thank your volunteers for helping make the event a success!

Choose a location to host the event

Fenway Park is one excellent option. If you’re not able to host a corporate event there, try other epic locations throughout the city. Remember that the bigger the venue, the better equipped it is to hold all your employees, their families, the vendors, staff, and entertainers you’ve invited to the party. Also, larger venues tend to have a venue coordinator who can help with planning and logistics. 

Find entertainment

Contact balloon artists, magicians, face painters, and caricaturists months before the events scheduled date. You’ll be able to get a package for a price within your budget for the entertainers. The more variety you have to offer, the less overwhelmed one entertainer will be serving all your employees and their kids. Think about setting things up outdoors carnival-style where each station offers a different form of entertainment for your guests to enjoy for free. Jonah’s Twisters will gladly help you figure out your event needs. Why contact many entertainers when you can have one do all the booking for you. 

Rent attractions

Reserve a bounce house or inflatable waterslide. Nothing says fun like these two things. The kids attending the event will love what you have to offer them. Their parents will be grateful because you decided to include them in the event. It’s the perfect way to encourage bonding between families.

Now that you know what makes an epic company party, you can start making plans to host one right away. By deciding which activities you want to offer your employees and their families in the form of entertainment allows you to arrange for the rental of these items. You’re able to hire the right magicians, face painters, and caricaturists, too, because you reached them while they still had time in their schedule to assist with your event. Jonah’s Twisters has the best entertainers in the Boston area so contact us for all of your event needs. 

Tips For Hosting A Summer Block Party

Tips For Hosting A Summer Block Party

Block Party Tips

Have you just moved to a new neighborhood and would like to get to know your new neighbors? These block party tips will help you host a better summer block party. After you have settled into your new home, get ready to host the most fantastic block party ever. Not sure how to do this, follow below block party tips to get some ideas.

Amazing Block Party Planning

Hand out a letter to everyone in your neighborhood explaining what your intentions are and see if anyone would like to help in the planning of this amazing summer party. Make sure to put a way to contact you on this letter so people will know how to reach you.

Once you have some volunteers, then you all can come up with a theme and get started planning. Decorations, invitations, activities, entertainment, laws, and guidelines will have to be decided.

The invitations should go out as soon as you set a date and have everything approved by the city. Pick a location in the middle of the block. For easy access and safety reasons, pick a house that has the driveway in the front or a circular path. This is a great place to set up the grills and all things associated with the food and beverages at your party.

Before you can set up anything though, make sure all the yards have been cleared of anything that could be a liability such holes in the yard and loose stepping stones. Make sure all the garbage and dog waste is cleaned up in the yards and on the street as well. This could be a great job for all the children in the neighborhood.


Entertainment is going to be the biggest thing at the party, right behind food. You’re probably going to have all the neighborhood kids and their friends there, as well as plenty of adults, so you want to be sure that there is plenty to do. Some ideas of what you can include are:

  • A balloon artist
  • (Lead-free) MoonBounces
  • Face painters
  • Smores and Fire Pit Station (for adults and teens)
  • Simple carnival games (DIY or not)
  • Water balloon games
  • Access to a pool if possible!
  • Live music performances (especially from people in the neighborhood)

With these planning tips, you can a great summer block party – just be sure everyone is safe! Hopefully, all of your neighbors decide to attend, but in case they don’t, respect their wishes but try not to plan too much around their property and keep the music as moderate as possible.


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3 Birthday Parties Essentials

3 Birthday Parties Essentials

Birthday Party Essentials 

Getting invited to a birthday party is one of the most exciting things that can happen to a child. As an adult, you know that planning that party can be a little stressful. This article goes over some tips and birthday party essentials to keep everything fun and as exciting for you as the guests that are attending it. Everything on the list is easy to do and will be sure to leave a memorable impression on adults and children alike.


No matter what age a child is, they tend to get bored fairly quickly. You can avoid this from happening by planning activities at the party. Arrange for the kids to play games that are fair and easy for children of all ages. One party favorite is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can change the theme of this to match any theme, such as: Place the Tiara on the Princess or Pin the Carrot on the Snowman. A pinata is also an excellent game for any birthday party and also fits into any birthday theme. Because it hangs on a string, it is easily lowered or raised to accommodate kids of all sizes.

Party Bags

One thing that all kids love is personalized goody bags. Like the game activities, they can be customized to match the party theme. They are not difficult to make. All you need is several party bags, so each kid goes home with one. Fill the bags with tiny toys, candy, stickers, etc. Maybe even go with some funny options with customization, such as funny pictures of your child and their friends so that the bags (or candy wrappers themselves) can be stored and treasured. Anything that fits inside the bag and is kid-friendly will make do though! Make sure you make a few extra just in case! Once the bags are handed out, you should write the name of the child on each bag, so everyone knows which bag is their bag. This will save a lot of tears and arguments! Jonah’s Twisters can make custom goody bags with or without balloons. 


You may have some kids who don’t have to partake in the activities. You also may need something to entertain the kids when the games are finished. If you have space, you can rent a bouncy house, a balloon artist, or even a face painter (or if you have the artistic sensibilities, do it yourself). Make sure you get the proper insurance through the company you rent the bouncy house from just in case. The bouncy house is a great way for kids to burn off energy and children of all ages are sure to love it.


A well-planned party can make the world of difference for any host. Remember these three tips for your next birthday party, and it’s sure to be a hit! If you need help with any of this Jonah’s Twisters is more than willing to help. Just contact us below. 


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5 Must-Have Activities for Your Kid’s Backyard Bash

5 Must-Have Activities for Your Kid’s Backyard Bash

Backyard Birthday

Hosting a backyard birthday party for your child’s birthday can mean a lot of preparation in advance. From sending out invitations to choosing food, drinks, and goody bags, it can be easy to forget the entertainment. To make this easier on yourself, forget about doing anything elaborate. The fun activities below are sure to please kids of all ages and require very little preparation on your end. These activities pair well with our birthday party packages

1. Balloon Popping


  • Large Foam Poster Board
  • Balloons
  • Push Pins
  • Darts


To create this fun game, blow up a bunch of balloons and pin them (by the ends) to the foam board until it’s filled. Then, let kids stand at a distance and throw darts to try and pop as many balloons as they can in a few throws. If you want to make this more exciting, you can fill the balloons with lightweight prizes before blowing them up, or make them into interesting shapes by doing balloon art and giving prizes based on the shapes popped.

2. Water Activities

To help kids cool off while staying entertained, swap out traditional pinatas for water balloons. These are relatively easy to pop, and the leftover water balloons can be used for playing “hot potato” or having a water balloon fight.


If you have a budget that allows (or want to make one), a dunk tank can be a lot of fun for both kids and adults. You can even turn this into a competition with prizes for whoever dunks in the least amount of throws.

3. Mini Golf Course

You don’t need fancy equipment to set up a mini-golf course, although you will need some plastic golf clubs. Make different areas of the course more challenging with balloon arches, shoe boxes with holes cut out, and mini tents for the ball to pass through.

4. Water Gun Art


  • 6 Water Guns
  • Water
  • Washable Finger Paints
  • Canvas or Thick Paper


Hang the paper or canvas up on an easel or laundry line to start. Then, fill each of the water guns with different colors of finger paints (water them down). From there, let the kids shoot water onto their medium to create a unique piece of art they can take home.

5. Craft Table


  • A large surface area
  • Colored Pencils or Crayons
  • Printed Coloring Pages
  • Blank Paper


It’s always smart to provide a passive activity for kids to do. In this case, include a crafting station where kids can sit and explore their creativity. Print off a collection of coloring pages that suit the theme of the party. You’ll want to print off plenty of options, so be sure to stock up on printer ink.

A Memorable Backyard Bash

Having a backyard birthday is one of the best ways to save money while making memories at home. Little ones can enjoy any of the activities above while playing with their friends or even siblings. What’s even better is that you can use these all throughout the summer, so they’re perfect for more than just a party.


The Best Ways to Utilize a Balloon Artist

How a Balloon Artist can be Utilized

When you hire a balloon artist you can use them in many different ways. In this blog post, I will highlight the top four ways you can use a balloon artist. The question of why balloon art will be answered. Also, this post is for anyone looking to hire a balloon artist for their next event/party/celebration.

Event Planning

Balloon artists perform at many events and can be a great asset in your event planning stages. They can help you determine how much time you should book for the balloon art and other aspects of your party. The artist can also help with arrival and when is a good time to start the activities for the children. A balloon artist may seem like a weird person to ask for event planning advice. However, these are people performing at events on a regular basis. They could be one of your best resources for event planning.

Crowd Engagement from the Balloon Artist

Do you need event guests in a certain spot at an event? Or do you want to increase foot traffic to your booth? Having balloons attracts event attendees of all ages. If you are having a break from other activities the balloon artist can be a great person to entertain the crowd. I perform at Fenway Park and one of my jobs is to entertain guests before the gates are opened. This is a crowd of people behind turnstiles for about twenty minutes. I do not make them sculptures as that would not work. I get them to cheer loudly and then send balloons flying into the crowd. Would your event benefit from something like that?

Event AtmosphereBalloon artist Jonah at event

So, balloons are big and colorful. By adding something so big and colorful to your event you are able to influence the atmosphere. Not only will it be more colorful and upbeat the balloon colors can match your event colors. The event participants will not only enjoy seeing the balloons. Having their own custom balloon sculpture makes it even better. I can make sculptures that people hold or wear. If they choose to wear the sculpture they can do so as a hat, bracelet, hairband, or ring. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons. How cool.


Branding is usually for businesses but can also be used for other events. Your company logo, name, or significant object can be made out of balloons. We can also get your logo printed on balloons that will be used in designs at your event. Now imagine a room with a bunch of people wearing balloons in your colors with your printed logo. The event guests take their balloons home and get to keep seeing your logo every time they look at the balloon. You may be thinking well sounds great Jonah but my event is not well lit. No worries I have LED lights to light up the sculptures so now picture your logo glowing. Also, the balloon artist can wear their own colorful clothing or in the above image where I am wearing all black. I have worn company t-shirts to custom themed vests and bow ties. 
I hope this was helpful for understanding the benefits balloons can bring to your next event. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you would like to talk about your event please contact me with the form at the bottom of this page.
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