More about Jonah

Who is Jonah Faigel Part 2

In more about Jonah, we discuss how Jonah got his start as a Boston, balloon artist. When Jonah was in elementary school, he learned the basics of balloon art from a family friend. He continued to practice and amaze his friends. When he was in high school, he got his first paying event. He met a group of local balloon artists.

More about Jonah

Jonah and his hairband competition piece.

Jonah met Royal and Patty Sorrel famous balloon artists who showed him techniques. They also introduced him to their balloon twisting convention “Twist and Shout.” He has now attended the convention seven times.

More about Jonah Continuing Education

Although, Jonah got his start in balloon twisting in elementary school. He is still very much learning about balloons and the industry. The balloon industry is always innovating with colors and products. This allows him to be continuously improving his balloon creations. An example is hairbands which are a balloon sculpture on a plastic hairband. His quest for improved results in your events being better than if you had hired any balloon artist.

Balloon Jams

Jonah still attends meetings of balloon artists called jams. Balloon jams are where the balloon artists hang out and create new designs. The artists may also work on improving a sculpture they are working on. He helps out local balloon artists who need assistance with designs or other work. He continues to next work with other local, national, and international balloon artists. If Jonah’s Twisters is unable to handle a project, we can refer you to or bring in another performer. Sometimes he organizes jams and would be happy to have you come and try for yourself.

Questions asked to the artist: Do your fingers hurt?

When Jonah is asked if his fingers hurt at events. He responds with, “Are you suppose to be able to feel your fingers.” The response is a groan or a laugh. The truth is no as he ties the knot on his fingernail very quickly. During the creation of a sculpture, he mostly uses his whole hand to make bubbles and twists. This technique reduces the weight and strain on his fingers.

Questions for the Balloon Artist

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Who is Jonah Faigel

Who is a Jonah Faigel?

Jonah making art

Jonah working hard

Jonah Faigel is the owner and operator of Jonah’s Twisters. Jonah writes typically in the third person, but for this post, he will not. Hello, I am the person the runs and operates Jonah’s Twisters. Tasks are social media posts, the website, performances, marketing, and more. I am a one-man team that has a network of other performs that I use when needed. I also help out my fellow event entertainers when they need help.

Jonah’s Day Job

Cotting School Logo Jonah Faigel

Cotting School Logo

When I am not working on Jonah’s Twisters, I am teaching at the Cotting School in Lexington, MA. I recently finished my master’s degree at Simmons College in Boston. With my master’s degree, I was able to get two special education teaching licenses. At the Cotting School, I work with students with disabilities. Helping them with the skills they need to grow and become independent individuals. I work there from 8-3 Monday through Friday. A common question I get is “Do you make balloon art for the students?” The answer is no as the population of the school is medically frail, and there are latex allergies.

Why Boston Balloon Artist?

You may be asking yourself how I can call myself a Boston balloon artist is I spend my week in Lexington, MA. Well, when I started building the Jonah’s Twisters brand in college. I attended Wheelock College in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. I was living in Boston, so it made sense at the time to base the brand in Boston. After college, I spent two years as a live-in caregiver in Brookline right over the Boston line. So, I kept it as Boston is a recognizable city and sounded better than greater Boston balloon artist.

New Blog

So, as you can tell the blog is new, and I want to give you the opportunity to let me know if you like this post. Also, what you would like to see next.

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