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More about Jonah

Who is Jonah Faigel Part 2 In more about Jonah, we discuss how Jonah got his start as a Boston, balloon artist. When Jonah was in elementary school, he learned the basics of balloon art from a family friend. Jonah continued to practice and amaze his friends. When he was in high school, Jonah got his first paying event. He met a group of local balloon artists. Jonah met Royal and Patty Sorrel famous balloon artists who showed him techniques. They also introduced Jonah to their balloon twisting convention “Twist and Shout.” Jonah has now attended the convention six times. […]

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Who is Jonah Faigel

Who is a Jonah Faigel? Jonah Faigel is the owner and operator of Jonah’s Twisters. Jonah writes typically in the third person, but for this post, he will not. Hello, I am the person the runs and operates Jonah’s Twisters. Tasks are social media posts, the website, performances, marketing, and more. I am a one-man team that has a network of other performs that I use when needed. I also help out my fellow event entertainers when they need help. Jonah’s Day Job When I am not working on Jonah’s Twisters, I am teaching at the Cotting School in Lexington, […]

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