The Five Must-See Places Everyone Should Visit in Boston

The Five Must-See Places Everyone Should Visit in Boston

Boston Entertainment

In Massachusetts Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. Boston entertainment is everywhere. Sometimes it gets difficult to squeeze it all into one visit. It does not matter how long you plan on staying, here are five places you should include on the itinerary.

The New England Aquarium

This is one of the most popular attractions in Boston. It has everything from coral reefs to a penguin colony. There is so much to see here. Every dollar from your admission fee goes to help out marine conservation efforts. There is also a 3D theater where you can watch films. You should make The New England Aquarium one of your stops while you are in town.

The Skywalk Observatory

It is located in the Prudential Center Mall. You get to see every view of the city from above, including the Boston Harbor and the bridges. At the very top, you can enjoy a nice meal, complete with cocktails. This place is breathtaking during the sunset hours.

The Museum of Science

There are over 700 exhibits you can see. Do you remember those science exhibits you used to go to as a kid? This place is similar but on a much larger scale. You are really going to love this place if you are a science buff. Every exhibit empowers the mind and body. There are many must-see exhibits making this museum a must.

The Freedom Trail Walking Tour

Do you enjoy walking? Do you enjoy history? You are going to love this place then. This place combines both into one exciting journey. You can travel back to the time of the Revolutionary War by visiting some landmark sites. There are 11 sites to see on this trail. You get to see actors dressed up in costumes as they reenact some of the scenes.

The Museum of Fine Arts

This place is for everyone, but, more importantly, it is for art lovers. The art in here is well-curated. It is also from some of the most prestigious museums found on this earth. The art ranges from American art and textiles to European art and artifacts from the ancient worlds. The gift shop is pretty impressive too. You should have no problem finding something to take home to show your friends.

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New England Aquarium

SkyWalk Observatory


Photographing a Party? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Photographing a Party? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Event Photography

Do you want to do event photography? These are important tips on how to do quality event photography. Before the day arrives, you need to gather your equipment so that you have plenty of storage on your camera and all of the filters and extra items to make each picture stunning. The following are only a few of the tips and tricks that you can use when taking photos at a birthday party, a corporate event, or another celebration.

Group Pictures

Courtesy of Digital Photography School

Try to take a few pictures of groups of friends, family members, and of the guest of honor soon after the party begins. As more people arrive, smaller groups will tend to form, which means that it could be challenging to take pictures of everyone together. Get a few random pictures of family members while they are sitting or talking with each other, and photos of any groups of children so that parents can get copies.

Get Candid Shots

While you’re walking around and mingling with the people who are at the party, snap a few pictures of the people, decorations, tables, and the atmosphere without anyone knowing. These are often the best pictures that you can take. You can capture the true emotions of the people who are at the party and the details that are on display when you don’t even try to line up a perfect picture.

Find Out The Schedule

If certain events are supposed to take place at specific times, then you need to know when these will take place at the party so that you can take pictures. Try to take a few photos before the event, during the event, and then of the aftermath of the special time. Take pictures at different angles, zooming in and out so that you get images of everything that takes place and of all of the people who are taking part in the event.

Necessary Equipment

Courtesy of Wandrd Camera Bags

Get the equipment that you’ll need a few days before the party. A camera bag is an excellent item to have if you don’t already own one.  You can keep your camera, lens covers, and other things that are needed in one place. Try to find a bag that has a padded shoulder strap and is easy to carry so that you aren’t going back and forth to get your equipment while walking around the party taking pictures. Avoid leaving your gear lying around to prevent it from getting stolen or damaged.

Photography doesn’t always have to be exact. Some of the best pictures are those that are taken without anyone knowing. If you have all of your supplies together and you pay attention to your surroundings, then you can capture images that will be remembered for years. If you need any party planning or decorating tips, either as the photographer or organizer, check some of out our articles!

How To Keep A Surprise Party A Surprise

How To Keep A Surprise Party A Surprise

Surprise Party

It’s not always easy to keep a surprise party a secret. In fact, if your child is about to celebrate something really special, like their sweet sixteen birthday, they might even be expecting a surprise party. This makes it doubly hard to keep it a surprise. But with a bit of cunning, it is entirely feasible to pull off the impossible. Here are some tips for keeping a surprise party a surprise.

Don’t Have the Party at Your House

It is next to impossible to plan a surprise right under someone’s nose. You’re kidding yourself if you think your guest of honor won’t notice that you’ve cleaned the house, stocked up on snacks, prepared their favorite treats and made everybody get dressed up. Instead, plan the celebration someplace else, like at one of their friend’s houses. Or, make it easy on yourself by scheduling it at a nearby restaurant. That way you can show up and enjoy without having to worry about setting up beforehand and cleaning up afterward.

Be Somewhat Predictable

Choose a location that is one of your usual haunts or at least nearby. If you suggest going someplace outside of your familiar hangouts, it might raise suspicion and ruin the surprise. Consider planning the party around your child’s usual routines. If there is someplace your child already regularly goes, schedule the special event there. This might make it a bit easier to get her out of the house and to her party without ever raising an eyebrow.

All of the Guests Must Be In on the Surprise

Courtesy of Family Braces: Calgary Orthodontist

Everybody must be aware that this is indeed a surprise party. But keep in mind that other children may be the most significant risk of ruining the surprise. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t stress this with all of the guests. Don’t avoid letting other kids in on the surprise though. They will be able to keep the secret if you emphasize the importance of it to them. Also, be sure to remind your guests to keep their children in the loop.

You Wouldn’t Forget

Courtesy of Our Kids Magazine

Don’t bother trying to be coy by pretending to forget the birthday. You wouldn’t forget such a momentous occasion. But, do pretend that your family has other plans for the special day. To ward off suspicion, make phony plans to celebrate on a different day.

Appoint a Trickster

Someone has to be tasked with making sure the guest of honor arrives on time for the party. This can be an individual or a group of people. The best scenario is to have plans for a pre-party event, such as a meal out or a shopping trip. This way there is no risk of the guest of honor arriving late to their own surprise.

Choose the Date Carefully

Courtesy of WikiHow: How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Try scheduling the party for a date that’s close to, but not actually on, your child’s birthday. Nobody expects a surprise party the week before their special day. Definitely schedule it before their birthday, though. If you wait until after the special day has passed, it looks like you just forgot altogether.

Enlist Lots of Helpers

Don’t try to do it all on your own. Everyone knows you’re the party-planning maven. But if you try to do too much, you run the risk of letting it slip. Keep the secret safer by delegating some of the responsibilities, like shopping for party food or setting up the decorations, to other guests.

Be Cunning All the Way Up to the Last Minute

Overlooking essential details can ruin the surprise at the last minute. Tell your guests to park around the corner. Your child would surely recognize Nana’s car or the cars belonging to their friends’ parents, and then the jig would be up. Don’t bother flickering the lights to hush the crowd and get them ready for the surprise. That would give it away. Also, forget pre-party posts on social media. Otherwise, you’re sure to be caught.

If you keep all of these tips in mind, you might be able to pull it off. But, it’s really tricky to truly surprise someone, especially for a milestone event. So, even if it’s ruined, you should still feel proud of the incredibly caring act of planning the surprise in the first place. You can be sure that the guest of honor will love you for it, and you can still have fun with it anyway!


Balloons can be a great addition to a surprise party. They can be used for a special sculpture, make the room look special, or for a balloon drop. For all your balloon needs you can view our services and contact us.

How to Prepare a Room for a Party

How to Prepare a Room for a Party

Party Preparation

You want to throw a great party, but you aren’t sure where to get started. There are so many things to do, so many people to invite, and schedules to cross-reference—it can all start to seem pretty daunting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a great foundation, you can have a fantastic party. That’s why it’s important to prepare a room for your party before you start setting out the party favors. Here are five tips for preparing your room for a big party!

1. Make Enough Room for Comfort

First, you’re going to want to clean and clear out the room you’re using for the party. Take out any bulky furniture, keepsakes, and personal items. You can deep clean the room yourself or even hire a maid service to make sure that it’s truly spotless.

Then, consider the kind of party you’re having. Is this a casual get together, or will there be a more active atmosphere? Will people be likely to sit and talk while they eat, or knock back shots and eat finger foods? How many people do you expect, and are there planned activities that would require them to all be sitting or standing at the same time?

Once you’ve figured that out, use the appropriate seating and tables to make sure everyone has plenty of space to dance, talk, and eat.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help

When you’re cleaning, you may find some unexpected surprises in the party room. In these cases, you may even see signs of a pesky bug infestation. These bug infestations could include spiders, wasps, cockroaches, or even earwigs, and they might just kill the party mood. If you find signs of pests, don’t hesitate to call an exterminator to ensure that you won’t have any embarrassing mishaps during your party. This will favor people who begin preparations a few days before as you will have time to address the problem. If you find something like water damage, you’ll want to get someone to come out to repair it.

While it may be infeasible to get someone out in time to fix very serious problems, you should be able to get the right people out in time to fix minor to moderate problems in a timely manner. If you run into big problems (soft floors, excessive mold on walls, a huge infestation of pests), then you may want to either delay the party until the problem is resolved or host your party away from your home.

3. Arranged Seating and Storage

This is especially important when working with smaller spaces. When everyone wanders around with no particular idea of what to do or where to go, things can get crowded fast. And if you haven’t given them enough space for coats, jackets, and bags, then the room is going to seem even smaller (so try your best to give them some space).

To combat this, offer open but assigned seating. That way people won’t be constantly bumping into each other in a search to find a spot. You can also offer space by the front door, a nearby closet, or a smaller room for your guests to leave their cumbersome personal belongings such as coats and bags.

4. Decorations and Personal Touches

It may seem a little ridiculous to clear a room out just to add things back in, but having the right decorations can set the whole mood, change the entire atmosphere, and lets your guests know that you cared enough to put the time in.

While “themes” are debatably out of style, tasteful decorations that both please the eye and add some function to the room never waiver. String lights, disposable table covers (to make clean up easy), and fun shot glasses can all add to the decorum. You can always go with a pipe and drape wall if you’re wanting to encourage some dancing, or if you’re doing a celebration, you can always install a monogram projection for a personalized touch.

For an extra personal touch, add gift “bags” (or boxes, mugs, so on) filled with candies with personalized candy wrappers, drink mixes, or other fun, party-relevant goodies.

5. An Area for Entertainment

If you plan to have a speaker, dancing, karaoke, or any other sort of entertainment, then you’ll want to make the space for entertainment beforehand. This will avoid the awkward situation of everyone having to leave the room and come back, or get up and move their seats around. Providing a planned area for entertainment is awesome, even if the entertainer falls through. You can easily use the space for other things.

Even if you feel your party is a bust (which too many hosts tend to believe, no matter how great everyone tells them it is), you’ll feel better knowing that everyone enjoyed the decorations, atmosphere, culinary delights, and effort that you put into the party. Planning a party isn’t always as fun or glamorous as it sounds, but with enough effort and planning, it always turns out awesome.

Looking to add some fun to your event? Contact Jonah’s Twisters to book a balloon artist for your next party.

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