Planning a Party

Are you Planning a Party in the Boston Area

Are you planning a party for a company or for someone’s birthday? In this post, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of party planning. We are going to especially be looking at entertainment and how that fits into your party. This post is intended to help you understand how you can best work with entertainment professionals.

Steps involved

There are many steps involved in party planning so please let me know in the comments if I forgot one. Before you start planning it is important to come up with a budget and be aware of it. Knowing the budget will make the next steps easier. Boston Party PlanningAfter you have your budget you will need to decide on a date and time. This can be flexible, but good to have in mind before going forward.  The next step is to identify your attendees. Who is going to attend your party? How many attendees? Answering these questions will help you figure out what venue and services you may require. If you are having over 200 adults then your apartment is probably not the right choice. Then a venue can be found that matches your attendees and your budget. For most birthday parties the venue can be the home. If you are using a backyard for any party have rain contingency plan. Next is food based on when in the course of the day you party is you can figure out how much and what types of food you will require. Now you have the venue, date, list of attendees you can know work on the entertainment. Make sure to ask for R.S.V.P.s to know who is coming.  Hopefully, you still have funds in your budget for entertainment. The options for entertainment are many. In the next section, I will focus on the options that Jonah’s Twisters can provide for parties in the Boston area.

What Jonah’s Twisters offers

Jonah being Jonah are you planning a party Boston

Jonah interacting with a customer at an event.

Jonah’s Twisters offers a variety of services with balloons. We also work with entertainers and service providers with many different skills. We are able to help most clients and if not we will refer you to someone who can better help you. For party entertainment, Jonah can walk around and make different sculptures for the guests. Jonah can also create amazing balloon decorations for your event. Custom sculptures made to look like the guest of honor or the things they like are also possibilities. Do you want a custom photo frame for your event? Jonah’s Twisters can do that too.

Are you planning a party and interested in discussing your party with us please use the contact box below.

Best suggestions

Make sure to plan ahead and give all the vendors you will be working with plenty of notice.  The closer to your event the higher the likelihood the vendors you want are already booked. Also by booking in advance, you can have all of your contracts signed weeks before and feel less stress. I want to clarify that I do recommend entertainment at any event. However, I want to clarify that more entertainment is not always better. You want your guest to have a good time and enjoy the party. If you have too much entertainment your guests will leave feeling overwhelmed. They may feel upset if they did not get to participate in all the activities.

Parting Words

Thank you for taking time to read this post. However, if you feel I missed anything feel free to let me know through an e-mail or the comments. Are you planning a party and interested in discussing your party with us please use the contact box below.

Holiday Trip

December Vacation Holiday Trip

For the December holiday trip, I took a trip to Venice Italy and Paris France. I may not have brought my balloons on the trip. I did get lots of inspiration and was able to see some cool balloon inspired art. Both cities have a rich culture and amazing art. I was excited to have a vacation and enjoy the sights of each location. I had no idea that balloons of any variety would exist at any of the locations.


Venice Italy


Venice Italy is known for its glass specifically from the island of Murano. The glass is beautiful and is produced in many different designs.

Glass balloon sculpture holiday trip

Glass balloon sculpture

Well exploring the city, I noticed that most of the glass shops had their glass version of the same object. A lot of the glass shops had glass in the shape of balloons displayed in their windows. Some of the shops had clowns, candy, and more all made out of glass. The food was amazing as it is in all of Italy but that is not relevant to this blog. After Venice, I went to Paris France to explore.




Holiday trip

Jonah in Paris

I knew that Paris had many museums, what I did not know as that each one had many famous artworks inside. I thought I when I was waiting in line that we were all waiting to see the same pieces. That was in fact not true. Once through security, the museums did not seem very crowded. The one exception would be in the Louvre at the Mona Lisa. I have never seen so many people trying to take pictures of a painting at the same time. I got to see many different types of art from sculpture to paintings.

cool balloon display holiday trip

Department store display

Then, I went into a department store whose atrium had many objects made to look like Mylar balloons. It was a mini show that involved music and the balloons moving around. In some of the museums had artwork with helium balloons in their pieces. Paris was an amazing city and I cannot wait to go back.

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